Emergency Dentistry Experts in Corona, CA

Emergency Dental Pros is a group of highly-trained, enthusiastic, value-driven dentists. We are dedicated to caring for you and your family to resolve your dental emergencies. From a minor dental issue to the most complicated and urgent dental problem, you can count on our Corona local dentist to answer the call.dental patient smiling photo

We combine many years of exciting technological advances with our warm, friendly, and highly-qualified emergency care. Our dental office provides exceptional service only our dentistry experts can offer.

Many patients in Corona, CA, and the nearby areas come to us when they need help. If you are a new patient seeking care or a same-day appointment because of bleeding gums or chipped teeth, grab your phone and call us for immediate treatment as soon as possible.

Many of our Corona dentists are members of the California Dental Association and are accredited by the American Dental Association. They are licensed to perform dental implants, tooth extraction, root canal therapy, and other intricate dental services.

On top of that, our dental office is designed for comfort and the efficient restoration of your oral health. Our clinic is equipped with the latest general and emergency dental treatment innovations.

Emergency Dental Pros will provide you with the dental care you need. Our emergency dental care experts ensure that each patients’ dental pain is addressed and that they have the best oral health in the industry.

At Emergency Dental Pros – Your Oral Health is our Priority

There are a lot of reasons for you to take care of your teeth and gums. You can visit us for cleaning, a general dental exam, and peace of mind. We will be there to provide you with everything you need to look and feel your best.

At Corona Emergency Dental Pros, you can expect great results because we provide patients with excellent care. We have flexible scheduling, plus we have high-end facilities and a variety of emergency dental services that make us stand out from the rest.

Our emergency dentist- Corona, is always happy to be of service to you. We are pleased to provide you with exceptional dentistry Monday to Friday, with extended hours including weekends.


When you arrive at our office, please take advantage of our check in technology. Fill in your details electronically online. Of course, if you prefer to give out your information at our Corona office, CA, you can do that too.

Our average waiting time is generally only a few minutes. For dental emergencies, you can expect immediate attention. With our comfortable waiting room complete with amenities, you may not even mind the waiting time.

Most importantly, our Corona emergency dentist can handle whatever dental emergencies you have.

Treatment Options

Dealing with tooth pain, broken dental work, or a chipped tooth while visiting a fun place like Castle Park is never easy. And usually, a patient will rely on the nearest dentist to address their dental emergency needs.

When you call us, we will typically ask for a your appointment preferences or offer immediate help if your dental emergency calls for it. However, booking an emergency appointment is not an option for patients at some dental offices. That is not a problem if you decide to get in touch with our local dentist in Corona, CA.

Contact our dental offices to schedule your routine cleaning, dental emergency treatment, or dental exam. When you do, you can opt to stay a bit longer and explore our other comprehensive emergency dental services.

White Cavity Fillings

Our emergency dentists provide advanced imaging and safe filling materials for cavities and broken teeth problems. We use early detection technology to identify severe tooth pain and tooth decay easier than ever before.

Dental Crowns

Your damaged tooth can be covered and protected with sturdy dental crowns.  This is usually the final step of an implant or root canal procedure. Dental crowns will not only protect your tooth from advancing decay but also give your tooth a polished finished look.

Treatment of Gum Disease

Gum disease can lead to tooth loss and cause further damage in your mouth.

It is important for our Corona emergency dentistry experts to detect gum disease as early as possible. Our dentist in Corona will provide important disease control guidelines during your treatment.

Let us assist you with a personalized treatment plan, save you from severe pain, and keep your mouth healthy for years to come.

Botox for Head and Facial Pain

Beyond dental aesthetics, Botox is a common treatment for any dental emergency that causes pain in the jaw or face, including headaches, clenching, and migraines.


We can replace your missing or knocked-out teeth with our comfortable dentures. We create full and partial dentures from the highest quality materials. Dentures can restore your ability to chew and speak clearly.

Allow our emergency dentists to address your knocked-out tooth or lost tooth problem and return your beautiful smile.


When you grind your teeth at night, that’s trouble.

Our dentist will stop your teeth from grinding to avoid damaging soft tissue or causing uneven wear of your tooth. Protect your teeth at night and during sports activities with a mouth guard that is custom-made just for you.

We’ll Make Your Teeth Shine

Whatever your cosmetic needs, our professional and highly skilled dentist can fix it. Whether it is a dental emergency or not, we are here for you.

Our local and highly-trained cosmetic dentists have access to the best and latest technology to give patients in Corona, CA, incredible results.

As with any dental emergency, you don’t need to panic. We provide emergency dental care that is high quality and budget-friendly (dental insurance is accepted). You will finally be thrilled to smile.Emergency Dental Pros in Corona, California

Our Corona Dentists Can Repair It

Dental emergencies can disrupt patients from their daily routines and a trip to the nearest emergency room won’t solve that. Your teeth go through a lot of stress and when you have a problem, a medical provider is unlikely to help. Only an experienced dental health expert can resolve your emergency dental needs.

You no longer have to search different clinics for each oral problem. Our dental care team specializes in emergency care, cosmetic dentistry, and more. We can handle all your dental needs.

We do everything from treatment of an infected tooth and dental surgery to restoration of your damaged teeth, and the best thing is, we can often get everything done the same day in one convenient location.

We Make it Easy for You

When you need emergency care, all you have to do is call or is visit our local office and relax in our waiting area. Not long after, you will be attended by one of our highly-trained staff.

Then, it’s off to our dentist for sedation dentistry to have your tooth extraction or emergency root canals!

No more sleepless nights because of a broken tooth or other urgent dental problem. We can frequently get you in for same-day care to address your pain and discomfort.

Call our office as soon as possible for immediate care. Whether you are from Corona, CA, or neighboring areas, we are here for you.

Pick up the phone and let us know how we can help.

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