Are you looking for a licensed emergency dentist in Denton, TX?

If you are on a hunt for a licensed and experienced emergency dentist – Denton, TX, look no further and contact Emergency Dental Pros. We house a team of certified and reputable emergency dentists to serve our Texas patientsman dental patient.

It can be inconvenient and costly to treat dental emergencies. And mind you, not all clinics offer emergency dental care, but we do. We can address common dental emergencies immediately and resolve complex oral issues. The good news is, we accept dental insurance if you have an existing plan.

Dental emergencies come in many forms and we know how to handle them with competency and excellence. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable and highly trained dental emergency experts. Each emergency dentist in our portfolio receives rigorous training to ensure they have the expertise to implement the latest innovations, methods, and treatment procedures.

You can call our emergency dentist in Denton for the following emergency dental care services:

  • Tooth / Teeth Extraction
  • Gum Disease Treatment
  • Gum Bleeding assessment and treatment
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Gum disease therapy
  • Permanent tooth crown and dental filling
  • Cracked tooth repair and restoration
  • Dental Injury treatment
  • Dental pain management
  • Lost Tooth Replacement
  • Other emergency dentistry services

Dental emergencies are our focus, so whenever you are dealing with tooth pain, do not hesitate to give our emergency dentist a call. Our experts are certified by the American Dental Association, so your safety is a priority whenever you call us for emergency dental care.

Your oral health affects your general well-being. For ongoing protection, see our dentist regularly. If you have an urgent dental need, don’t wait for your dental emergency to get worse. Call our office and schedule an appointment.

Emergency Dental Pros can alleviate your pain and restore your smile the same day

Our goal is to address your dental discomfort and restore your healthy smile at the soonest time possible. Many patients mistakenly head to their local ER when they want first aid advice and treatment. As your preferred dental emergency partner, you can count on us whenever tooth pain, a knocked-out tooth, chronic bad breath, or severe decay is bothering you.

Anxious patients want fast relief even if it’s just a temporary remedy. Over-the-counter medicines like a warm water rinse, or cold compresses can relieve pain but they are not the proper, permanent way to treat toothaches, swollen gums, or sensitive teeth.

Good oral hygiene and a regular visit to your dentist in Denton, TX can prevent dental emergencies, but this doesn’t rule out all the possibilities. Tooth pain can be the result of a broken jaw injury.

A tooth sensitivity problem could occur because of eating something hot or cold. You can end up with a cracked prosthetic restoration after a sports accident at South Lakes Park. It’s safe to say that you or any member of your family can experience serious pain despite regular brushing and flossing. We are here whenever that dental emergency happens.

Treatment for dental emergencies such as knocked-out teeth, lost dental fillings and dental crowns, excessive bleeding, etc., varies. Any treatment plan depends on the damage the patient incurs. You may need a root canal treatment if a broken tooth impacts the nerve or other gum tissue. Emergency treatment can correct your chipped teeth through cosmetic dentistry.Emergency Dental Pros in Denton, Texas

In every situation, Emergency Dental Pros will attempt to preserve your natural, permanent tooth. But if a chipped or knocked-out tooth is impossible to save, our emergency dental care experts in Denton, TX may recommend a tooth extraction.

You do not have to worry about losing a tooth or even a set of teeth. Technological advancements enable our dentists to install very authentic looking prosthetic options like dentures and implants.

When an emergency occurs, visit our dental office immediately. Our dental services in Denton, TX, can 100% treat the most common dental emergencies. Our emergency care is accessible to all patients with or without dental insurance.

Many of our dentists are recognized by the American Dental Association. Check our reviews to see how satisfied our patients are with how we handle their dental emergencies.

Dental Emergency FAQs

Like many emergency patients dealing with a chipped tooth or other oral concern, you are browsing the dental emergency FAQ’s section to gather more information. We have compiled some commonly asked questions below to address your dental concerns.

What is a dental emergency? 

Anything causing you dental pain and significant discomfort is considered a dental emergency. A toothache, broken restoration, chipped tooth, and gum bleeding are just some oral problems that require urgent dental services. There are questionable home home remedies you can find online for your chipped teeth, but it is always a better option to seek professional dental care.

Can I schedule a same-day appointment after business hours?

Emergency Dental Pros has extended office hours, Monday to Sunday. If you need dental care after our official business hours, call our number and set an emergency appointment. If there is an issue that is affecting other parts of your body, head to the nearest emergency room. If you need us to treat cracked teeth, missing dental crowns, and other oral concerns, our dentist will see you after you receive medical care.

Do you offer cosmetic dentistry in Denton, TX? 

Yes. Emergency Dental Pros offers all types of dental services. You can call us for general dentistry, cosmetic procedures, pediatric dentistry, and emergency dentistry services.

How much will it cost if I schedule an emergency exam? 

An oral examination is part of our comprehensive emergency dental care service. If you have dental insurance, we suggest you contact your provider to verify coverage. In some instances there may be out-of-pocket expenses, but don’t worry, our rates are very reasonable. Aside from cash payments, we offer financing and also accept credit cards. We know family budgets are tight. That’s why we make dental emergency care as affordable as possible.

For quality professional care, contact us today.

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