24 Hour Emergency Dentist Fontana, CA

When you have a dental emergency, it can be challenging to find a dentist in Fontana that can provide immediate treatment. But after-hours emergency dental care is not a problem for Fontana Emergency Dental Pros. When you need to find a dentist right away, you can call us for an immediate dental appointment.tooth cleaning photo

Unfortunately, patients can’t plan ahead for dental emergencies. When accidents happen, you need to find a reliable emergency dentist that is available around the clock. Why search for hours to find an emergency dentist when Fontana Emergency Dental Pros is available right now?

You should never prolong treatment for a knocked-out tooth or severe tooth pain. Delaying treatment will only lead to a more severe dental problem. To get immediate care, check our website and contact our office. There is no reason to wait hours to contact our emergency dentists in Fontana, CA.

When you call our office for quick dental service, our friendly staff will give you a free assessment. Set a same-day appointment to have our dentists see you as soon as possible. Only a licensed and experienced emergency dentist should handle a broken wire, lost filling, knocked-out tooth, mouth infection, and other dental emergencies.

When you come to us for dental emergencies, we will carefully examine your teeth and eliminate the pain. A quick response to a dental emergency can significantly reduce the chances of complications and irreversible damage. Our goal is to determine the root cause of your pain, save your natural teeth and preserve your oral health.

Even though there are instances when you will need help from a medical doctor, we encourage you to call our dentist for any issues concerning your teeth and gums.

Call our office for an immediate dental appointment. Our contact number is listed on our website.

After Hours Dental Services

Saturday and Sunday are the best times to enjoy parks like the Mary Vagle Nature Center, and because of this, dental injuries on the weekend are common. Dental emergencies that occur after-hours are the reason we are open 24 hours for you and your family.

Emergency Dental Pros makes it easy for patients coming from Sierra Lakes Pkwy, Lemon Ave, Sierra Ave, and other areas in Fontana, CA 92335. No matter when you encounter a dental emergency, our dental group is ready to help.

Our emergency dentists in Fontana, CA are trained to provide critical emergency services. Our emergency room is fitted with the latest dentistry equipment, giving us the ability to competently address all types of dental emergencies.

Our Fontana office is open 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. You can contact the hotline number on our website during and after business hours. Even though we accept walk-ins, for the best service experience, we recommend patients call beforehand to discuss the details of their dental emergency with our dentist.

Listed below are our daytime office hours:

Monday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm  
Tuesday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm  
Wednesday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm  
Thursday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm 
Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

*Emergency dental care is 24-hours, 7 days a week 

If a broken tooth or a root canal infection happens after 6:00 pm, do not panic. Call our Fontana dental office immediately. Our on-call emergency dentist will schedule an appointment and provide helpful instructions while you wait.Emergency Dental Pros in Fontana, California

Reasons to call for emergency dental care

Accidents happen, and no one can avoid them. When you have a dental emergency in the middle of the night, it’s comforting to know an emergency dentist in Fontana is available to help.

Emergency dental care is essential to keep your oral health and overall health intact – but not all patients see it that way. Some patients hesitate to see a dentistry expert because of the high costs involved. They don’t fully understand the risks associated with a root canal infection and other dental emergencies.

A broken tooth or a lost filling could cause a family member hours of pain. If not treated immediately, a minor dental problem can turn into a severe dental problem that may require more complex and expensive treatment.

For dental emergencies, immediate treatment is recommended to:

Prevent tooth loss (saving your natural tooth is always a priority) 
Address and relieve pain immediately 
Prevent or stop oral infections
Manage dental costs 
Avoid dental emergency complications

Some conditions may require an immediate appointment with our dental group. For patients who are unsure, we encourage you to see us as soon as possible. Anything that causes pain is a dental emergency and, if left untreated, it can put your teeth, gums, and mouth at risk.

Visit our center on Sierra Ave, Fontana, California, or contact us through our website. Don’t wait, contact us for your knocked-out tooth, lost tooth filling, broken denture, or any dental emergency.

What to do when a temporary crown falls out?

The purpose of a temporary crown is to protect the tooth while a permanent crown is being made. The plastic crown will prevent sensitivity and keep everything in place while your dentist creates the permanent crown.

The temporary crown should serve its purpose for about two weeks, but what happens if it falls out before the permanent crown is ready?

When a temporary crown comes loose, stay calm. Below we have listed some tips to help you control the situation:

  • Gently remove the broken piece 
  • Remove the shards through rinsing
  • Check the edges of your tooth. Are they sharp or smooth? You may need to relay this to your dentist
  • Contact our dental emergency expert immediately
  • Monitor your food intake being extra careful about what you chew to avoid problems

There is no need to panic when a temporary crown falls out. Reach out to our dentistry expert and follow the instructions. Our Fontana dental experts will schedule you for a same-day visit that may require follow-up treatment.

Don’t endure tooth pain. Contact our Dentistry Experts in Fontana, CA

Patients from Sierra Lakes, Valley Blvd, or areas outside Fontana, can reach out to us for urgent dental care. Fontana Emergency Dental Pros can help you with any dental emergency and restore your natural smile.

Untreated dental emergencies cause complications that can impact your overall health. Our Fontana dental office provides immediate dentistry services to address your tooth or gum problems fast.

Contact us for any of the following:

Dental cleaning
Tooth extraction
Restoration of tooth fillings and crowns
Root canal therapy
Denture and brace wire repair
Periodontal Treatment
Cosmetic Procedure
Other dental emergencies

At Fontana Emergency Dental Pros, you will receive quality and prompt emergency care. Our team will make sure you leave our office with a smile.

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