24 Hour Emergency Dental Care, Ft Lauderdale

If you have questions related to your teeth and gums, our dentistry experts can help. Fort Lauderdale Emergency Dental Pros is a local 24-hour dental care services company. When you need assistance with a painful toothache, dental accident, or injury, call today for immediate care. Our emergency dentist is available around the clock to alleviate tooth pain and treat even the most complex dental problems.dental team photo

Patients with broken crowns, knocked-out teeth, gum disease, and other dental emergencies need specialized care. When you have a broken tooth, you need to see a dentist immediately. But not all emergency dental services are the same. Your local dental office is likely to have limited operating hours. When you need a dental specialist fast, Fort Lauderdale Emergency Dental Pros can help.

Our Fort Lauderdale emergency dentists can treat a variety of dental emergencies. We have specialists ranging from a general dentist to an endodontist, periodontist, and even oral surgeons. Our dental health experts will examine you and direct you to the appropriate dental professional. When it comes to emergency dental care, we have your dental needs covered.

Our emergency dentists will do more than just repair your teeth. Comprehensive emergency dentistry includes cosmetic procedures like dental implants, crown replacements, and dental bonding. Emergency care should encompass fast pain relief of severe pain and any dental treatment needing immediate attention.

If you or a family member is experiencing severe pain, if you have a damaged tooth or broken teeth, our on-call staff can set a same-day appointment so you can be seen as soon as possible. Your dental emergency is our priority and that’s why our Fort Lauderdale, FL dental clinic welcomes new patients and returning patients from Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding area.

How do I find an emergency dentist, Fort Lauderdale?

When you need immediate dental care, searching for an emergency dentist can be frustrating. Almost every general dentist in Fort Lauderdale has office hours that are limited to normal business hours. You could end up searching for hours when what you really need is to see an emergency dentist immediately.

Our urgent care dentist is waiting for your call. Don’t let a severe toothache keep you up at night or force you to miss work in the morning. Emergency dental care is our core service. If you are at the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk and suffer from an accidental dental emergency, call our urgent care dentist right away.

There is no need to wait until your general dentist opens for normal business hours. You might delay treatment only to find they don’t work on wisdom teeth or perform tooth extraction procedures. You want a dental practice that regularly handles common dental emergencies, like a severe toothache, lost filling, or broken teeth. If you have a knocked-out tooth, come to our emergency room. Our Fort Lauderdale dentist can help with any dental emergency.

In order to help patients who contact our dental clinic, our emergency dentist may ask the following questions:

Where is the pain is coming from?

Is the pain recent, or have you felt it before?

How severe is the pain?

Did you have a dental injury or accident?

What steps, if any, have you taken so far?

Is there continuous bleeding?

Do you have a knocked-out or loose tooth?

Is your mouth or jaw swollen?

Do you have an infection and/or fever?

For patients with an infection accompanied by fever, we suggest you visit the local hospital emergency room. Even though most emergency rooms are not equipped to handle emergency dental care, an infection can be hazardous to your general health. Once you are cleared medically, call our emergency dentist as soon as possible for follow-up dental care.

Unfortunately, children have dental emergencies too

Emergency dentistry that involves children requires a dental specialist. A pediatric dentist or pedodontist is a dentistry expert who has gone through additional training and education to work with children. A Pedodontist in Fort Lauderdale, FL must be skilled at working on baby teeth and permanent teeth. They need to be proficient with children who have experienced a dental emergency and may be under duress.

It’s the job of a pediatric dentist to teach children how to maintain their oral health. Learning to use a toothbrush and dental floss are important skills for children to master. Our dental health specialists can also help children with teeth grinding, mouth guard fitting, and emergency dental care.

I have a dental emergency but no insurance

For patients who don’t have dental insurance, our emergency dentists accept cash and credit cards. Additionally, installment payment options are available for those who qualify.Emergency Dental Pros in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We do accept dental insurance at our office but it is not required. Fort Lauderdale Emergency Dental Pros’ pricing is competitive. Rest assured, our emergency dentists will never take advantage of your tooth pain by charging excessive rates.

Whether you are a new patient or a returning patient, you can expect the same great level of care and pricing from our emergency dentist. For patients who need urgent attention, call our office today to schedule a same-day appointment. Get the emergency care you need without the worry.

Can your emergency dentist, Ft Lauderdale handle a root canal?

YES! Root canal infections are a common problem but ignoring the problem can result in severe toothache and cause further damage to your tooth. When there is an infection inside your tooth, you need emergency dental care fast. Any delay of treatment can spread infection and cause a much bigger problem.

If you have a root canal issue or lost restorations, our Fort Lauderdale emergency dentists can help. We specialize in fast and professional emergency dentistry care. Our office is open 24 hours a day. If you need help, give us a call. Our dentistry experts are standing by to answer any questions.

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