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Fresno Emergency Dental Pros is well known for providing top-of-the-line and round-the-clock emergency dental care services. Our emergency dentists are well versed in dental implants, crown restorations, oral infections, teeth cleanings, and cosmetic dentistry. If you have an urgent dental concern, you do not have to wait to make an appointment. We will see you the same day you visit our office.licensed dentist giving cleaning service photo

Does a lost tooth filling require emergency dental treatment?

You may have some confusion about when to call for emergency dental care. Our dentistry experts will help with any questions you might have. Whether you are dealing with minor tooth pain or a severe root canal problem, you can contact our emergency dentist to get immediate relief.

Patients often endure unbearable pain when they have bleeding gums or broken teeth. We don’t want our patients to struggle for hours while they wait for treatment. With Emergency Dental Pros, you are assured that your dental emergency is our dentistry staff’s first priority. There is no need to wait; schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist immediately.

Our Fresno patients are extremely important to us. Whether you have a broken tooth or you need complete cosmetic dentistry reconstruction, we’ve got you covered. Our emergency dentist in Fresno is licensed, and DDS certified, so you can rest assured, your safety is our priority. Emergency dental care is what we do.

Bring your insurance card when you visit our office. Our Fresno emergency dentist will give you a thorough check-up and review possible solutions to treat your dental emergency and relieve your tooth pain.

Our 24-hour emergency dental care services in Fresno CA are capable of handling any dental emergency. A root canal or tooth extraction are procedures our dental experts see every day. You can contact our office to treat a knocked-out tooth or to have dental implants installed. We have dentistry specialists that can repair your broken crown or address a loose tooth. Our Fresno emergency dental team will have your teeth looking good in no time.

For more information about the dental care services we offer, call our Fresno emergency dentist. Our dental office emergency room is ready should you or a family member require urgent dental treatment. Patients in Fresno can get help anytime to quickly address their dental needs.

We Offer Emergency Dentistry and More

Dental emergencies are our expertise. Our emergency dentists have years of experience and are well trained in handling oral injuries, bleeding, infections, and other dental problems. We provide patients with a complete check-up, comprehensive treatment, and regular cleanings to maintain a healthy mouth.

Below are some of the urgent dental services in Fresno that a patient can call us for:

Crown Restoration
Teeth Cleaning
Loose Tooth Extraction
Root Canal
Denture Repair
Chipped Tooth Alignment
Emergency Dental Care

Cosmetic Dentistry

Even though emergency dentistry is our expertise, you are always welcome to call us for a regular check-up and teeth cleaning appointment.

Emergency Dental Pros in Fresno, California

Our office is never closed. We can accommodate your family 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are open 24 hours, Monday to Sunday. If you are available on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or any day, visit our dental experts to have your dental emergencies resolved as soon as possible.

Dental pain can strike anywhere at any time, even while you are exploring Yosemite National Park. Regardless of the circumstances, we are here to help so contact us whenever the need arises.

Don’t Endure Pain – Contact Our Emergency Dentist In Fresno, CA Today!

When dealing with a dental problem, you might hesitate to call an emergency dentist because of cost concerns. But not treating the problem immediately may only make matters worse and end up costing more.

When you have dental trauma, you don’t want anyone to touch your mouth but our expert staff in Fresno, CA. Patients with a broken tooth may attempt to rinse the tooth with water and put it back in the socket. In these instances, we suggest you refrain from self-treatment.

Generally, anything that concerns your teeth, gums, and mouth is an emergency, especially if it is causing severe pain. Whether you are coming from N. Palm Ave or from outside Fresno, CA, we encourage you to phone our local office and schedule an appointment immediately.

We are always ready to take your call.  You may phone us or stop by our dental office. We suggest you see us as soon as possible and not delay treatment. Our friendly and experienced dentist will guide you every step of the way until your pain is gone and your treatment is complete.

Emergency Dental Pros will make sure you leave our office with a smile. Give us a call and speak to our 24-hour emergency dental experts today.

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