Emergency Dentists in Houston

The need for emergency dental care has rapidly grown in demand in the last five years. However, identifying reliable excellent emergency dentists can sometimes be hard, as well, as knowing which enterprise provides the instant services you need. We specialize in all types of dental treatment and provide exceptional care with modern facilities and sanitary clinics, on Saturdays, Sundays and all after hours.

Our competent team offers you immediate access to well educated and experienced dentists, quality care and tailored assistance to suit your specific needs. This is the number one place in Houston where you can find unrivaled dental services no matter what the time of day or day of the week. No need to look further, you have found the number one reputable emergency dentist in Houston, Tx.

Our professional qualities

  • Our dentists that have the best training and experience, and are thus worthy of handling any emergency and providing timely solutions.
  • All of our providers are available for unplanned dental appointments and immediate services.
  • We have continued to build on our successes, and we include latest scientific developments to carry out our treatment methods.
  • All of our dentists are accomplished leaders in their fields.

If you are looking for a weekend dentist, after-hours dentist, or 24-hour dental care, our specialty dentists can help with that. Our professional network is composed of top dental professionals strictly committed to superiority and compassion in customer care. Our commitment to serving you with a loving staff and top of the line equipment, including experienced head dentists, is what we pride ourselves in day after day.

Our emergency services

  • You will have the opportunity to set a time at the earliest possible to take care of the situation at hand.
  • Emergencies are just that: emergencies; and we are well prepared for them to happen at all hours of the day or night.
  • Dental emergencies can not wait and nor can supplying you with the needed dental services wait a minute longer.

We can give you an on-the-spot assessment to determine what is ideal for you. Most times, there are many factors that identify the best treatment for our clients. We go through your records, determine the state of your overall health before we proceed with our plan.

When a Dental Emergency Occurs:

  • We remove the need to lose time in search of an available appointment near you with a random dentist.
  • It is important to mention that dental emergencies can happen at any time.
  • Some problems could get much worse and bring about further damaging of the teeth, supporting bone/tissues and gums.
  • Don’t resign to living with pain or being uncomfortable, get the medical help you need now and feel good soon.

Before any of our dentist proceeds with the required treatment, they undertake a proper evaluation based on the following: oral examinations, x rays, check-ups; The plan that any of our dentists follow requires information from the factors as mentioned earlier. With this details, we are then in a better position to advise each patient on the treatment that we consider the best. With this information, it’s much easier for us to advise the best kinds of treatment. Because of that, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today when in need of any type of treatment that is needed right away or service for a bothersome, uncomfortable and painful dental problem.

Loose or fractured teeth, damaged crown or filling, inflamed or bleeding gums, broken appliance, severe tooth or gum pain – either can be a sign of an acute infection; These and other symptoms can require an urgent visit to a dentist.

Our team of specialized, urgent care Houston dentists are proud to serve you. Be sure to find the closest available dentist in your area, by using our locator feature, this ensures us generating the fastest emergency service for you, at your ease. Any one of our emergency dentists can assist you with your dental needs – whether it is general care or emergency assistance. Your search for quality dental care ends with us!

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