Same-Day Emergency Dental Care in Knoxville, TN

A dental emergency is an unfortunate event that is impossible to prepare for. A broken tooth, sudden oral pain, mouth infection, or injury, call for urgent treatment. Our dental professional is ready to take your call to address your dental emergency immediately.cavity checking photo

Our knowledgeable staff and experienced dentists provide excellent dental care. Our Knoxville dental center is the perfect place for you and your loved ones for long-term oral health solutions. We have the latest dental equipment and technology to handle all types of dental emergencies. Give us a call. Our emergency dentist can often schedule you for a same-day appointment.

You could be enjoying ice cream in Market Square when you suddenly experience painful tooth sensitivity. Patients may settle for a home remedy that can provide temporary relief or they may head to the nearest emergency room for immediate care. For a lost tooth or other emergency causing severe pain, contact our 24-hour emergency dental care hotline.

If you have a medical emergency, you should visit the nearest hospital emergency room. But keep in mind, most emergency rooms are not set up to handle complex dental problems. The best a patient can hope for is a prescription for antibiotics or pain relievers. A knocked-out permanent tooth, dental injuries, serious infection, and other dental emergencies are best handled by a certified dentist. You can call our office immediately for a minor chipped tooth or excessive bleeding problem in your mouth.

We will schedule an immediate dental appointment for you or your loved ones. Our emergency dentistry expert will examine your teeth and gums, request an x-ray, and create a treatment plan for your specific dental needs. When you visit our Knoxville dental center you can expect our friendly dentists to prioritize relief of your pain and discomfort.

Check our website to view our list of dental services. Schedule your first appointment and let our Knoxville emergency dentist address your dental problem and help you develop good oral hygiene habits.

We are more than a Knoxville Dentist. We Are Your Dental Emergency Partner.

Emergency Dental Pros performs a variety of dental services. From regular teeth cleanings to the most complicated dental problems, you can count on our emergency dentists to address your needs as soon as possible.

For patients with common emergencies, the American Dental Association provides information including when to visit a hospital emergency room and when it’s best to see your regular dentist. We specialize in urgent care, but you can also contact our local Knoxville, TN dentist for cosmetic procedures, teeth cleanings, and regular checkups.

We welcome new patients for scheduled visits and same-day appointments. Our office is available to patients who have experienced a mouth infection, facial swelling, tooth pain, and broken dentures. Our dental care experts refer to these treatments as smile enhancement dentistry.

Dental Care for Children

Kids are not immune to tooth pain caused by dental injuries and accidents. Visit our office in Knoxville, TN, to have your child’s teeth checked and monitored. The sooner we examine their mouth, the easier it will be to maintain their oral health. According to the American Association of Pediatric Dentists, the time to visit a dental office is right after a baby’s teeth begin to show.

Teeth Cleaning and Preventive Care

Treating a dental emergency can be costly. To avoid spending your hard-earned money on an exhausting tooth infection, be sure to call our Knoxville office for preventive care services.

Your smile can affect your self-esteem, and our team of experts will make sure no dental emergency takes that away from you. Our trusted dental work can help you maintain strong and healthy teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentures, fillings, crowns, and braces, are used to adjust, protect and improve your teeth. They are part of the treatment for common dental emergencies. Patients recommend us for teeth whitening and other smile-enhancing procedures. If you are a new patient who’s looking for a trusted Knoxville, TN dentist, call or visit us during office hours.

Professional emergency treatment at our Knoxville Dental Center

Urgent care is never a problem with Emergency Dental Pros. When dealing with dental emergencies, a cold compress or warm water rinse is a good first step. These remedies can give you temporary relief while you wait for an available dentist in Knoxville, TN.Emergency Dental Pros in Knoxville, Tennesse

Our lines are accessible around the clock. You can call our office any time the need arises.

Do you have a broken tooth? Call our emergency dentist. Knoxville patients can’t wait!

Emergency Dental Pros has been a trusted dental provider in Knoxville for many years. Our patients know that we have the experience and skills to treat any type of oral problem. We take the time to fully examine your mouth to identify the root cause of your problem and create a treatment plan just for you.

Our dentists can help you with a chipped or broken tooth. We can often accommodate patients with a same-day appointment, so give us a ring, and we’ll take you in ASAP.

If you are a patient who prefers a scheduled visit or set an appointment, we can assist you. A serious infection won’t heal itself.

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