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Do you have a severe mouth infection and are in need of an emergency dentist that can serve you any time of the day? You have come to the perfect place as our team offers 24/7 emergency services.

When it comes to anything dental, Long Beach Emergency Dental Pros is the perfect choice. Our team of emergency dentists does it all. Our emergency dental care experts get the job done right, from a regular cleaning to a broken tooth treatment.

At Long Beach Emergency Dental Pros you will find licensed and experienced dentistry experts. They are skilled in handling a lost tooth filling, broken dentures, cracked teeth, abscesses, oral infections, and other dental emergencies. When it comes to general dentistry, cosmetic procedures, and emergency solutions, our Long Beach dentists are the best fit for the of a dentist lo

All types of dental emergencies are treated with urgency by our emergency dentists. Long Beach is our home, and we want to make sure that we provide our patients in the 562 area code the best of the best dental services. You can trust that we will promptly address your dental emergency any time of the day. Yes, no need to wait for the next day or the following week. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On top of that, our expertise is unmatched in handling toothaches, lost crowns or fillings, mouth infections, a chipped tooth, or severe gum bleeding.

Every Long Beach emergency dentist is highly trained in various dentistry skills, equipped with the latest innovations and up to date on the latest dental trends. We continuously work to identify more effective methods to treat pain and care for your oral health. Our 24-hour professional dentist in Long Beach, CA 90815 has you and your loved ones’ dental health concerns covered.

Contact us if you are dealing with a serious toothache, infected root canal, gum pain, chipped teeth, or other mouth emergencies. Our local emergency room will be made ready for you once your appointment is set. Call our local hotline in Long Beach, CA 90815, and schedule a same-day appointment with our trusted emergency dentist. Long Beach Emergency Dental Pros will ensure that you get the required treatment so you leave our office with a smile on your face.

When should you call Emergency Dental Pros?

A knocked-out tooth may not seem to be an urgent concern, but this condition can lead to severe pain and infection if not given attention. You may preserve a knocked-out tooth for a short period of time by placing it in a glass of milk. If too much time passes before you receive treatment, not only will you likely suffer long hours of pain, but you may reduce the chances of your original tooth being put back in place. Is it wise to try to wait for the pain to subside or to visit our dental office and have that tooth fixed right away? The answer is clear.

Even though there are dental issues that do not require urgent solutions, at Emergency Dental Pros we encourage our patients to seek our professional dentist’s help whenever they encounter dental problems. Our dentistry experts are experienced in handling dental concerns resulting from an infection, an accident, or another unexpected event. When it comes to gum swelling, an infected tooth, or a scheduled cosmetic procedure, our Long Beach emergency dentists can get the job done.

If you have the following dental issues, do not hesitate to contact our skilled dental expert to check on you:

Severe Toothache
Infected Tooth/Abscess
Swelling of any kind
Uncontrolled Bleeding
Knocked-Out Tooth
Root Canal Issues
Lost Crown or Cracked Filling
Intolerable Tooth Pain
Other Emergency Cases

A regular dental cleaning can also be scheduled; it’s not necessary to have an urgent appointment to see our dentist. If you are experiencing any of the conditions above, be sure to get in touch with us and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Any delay can put your dental health at risk.

Our dental emergency experts will take x-rays and run  tests to identify the scope of the problem causing you pain. If it’s a busy Monday, Thursday or a Saturday, you may visit our office as we are open 24 hours and never closed even on holidays. Partner with a dental company that is great at providing immediate relief, upfront pricing, free estimates, and 24-hour dental services.

Our 24 Hour Dental Care Services

Many dental experts claim they can repair broken teeth resulting from an accident or take care of your pain at any time of the day. We can’t speak for them, but we can assure you of what we can do for you and your loved ones. If you are looking for a dental partner that is never closed on weekends and caters to same-day appointments, look no further and call Emergency Dental Pros.Emergency Dental Pros in  Long Beach, California

Our team values commitment. When we give our customers our word, we deliver. Emergency Dental Pros understands how inconvenient it can be to deal with an infected tooth, especially in the evening or at night. Our friendly office staff will assist you in setting an appointment and get you the relief you need.

Our commitment is to take care of our patient’s needs at any time of the day. Wherever you are in Long Beach, in Somerset Blvd, Los Alamitos, or even in the 562 area code, our dental clinic is open 24/7 for you. Your dental emergency is our business, and we will be sure to treat the infected area at the soonest possible time.

Whenever you are in need of a 24-hour dentist to check on your mouth, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will relieve your pain and end your suffering without breaking the bank. You can use your dental insurance or pay for your treatment with cash or card when you visit.  Please speak to our dental experts immediately to find out more.

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Are you suffering from an infected tooth? Unsure of how to deal with a chipped tooth? Call our team of dental experts to receive the best treatment as soon as possible. We are a convenient and reliable dental company that is available 24/7.

Get rid of that tooth pain today. Hire us for your dental emergency and have peace of mind knowing that a trusted and professional dental company has you covered around the clock.

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