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Have you suffered a dental trauma? Are you dealing with severe tooth pain? There is no reason to worry; Madison Emergency Dental Pros is here to help. Our dental services will eliminate pain causing sleepless nights and give you peace of mind.dentist examining boy patient photo

A knocked-out tooth, cracked crown, lost filling, tooth abscess, and infected gum can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Don’t let this anxious time go on for days. Call our office, hand in your insurance, and speak to our emergency dentist. Our experienced team of dental emergency experts is skilled at providing urgent dental care solutions.

Madison Emergency Dental Pros is ready to deliver the dental services and relief you have been waiting for. Whether you are in Fitchburg, WI 53719, on Gregg Rd Madison, WI 53705, or on Perfect Dr, Madison, 53703, our dental emergency services are always accessible to you and your family.

Same Day Emergency Dentist

If you are a patient dealing with tooth pain or have significant discomfort because of a chipped tooth, broken denture, jaw swelling, lost crown, or a misplaced filling, please visit our local office address or contact us immediately for a same day appointment. Even minor toothaches can lead to swelling and mouth complications, putting your health at risk.

Immediate urgent care is vital. Call us to schedule an appointment with our 24/7 emergency dentists in Madison, Wisconsin. We have reliable round-the-clock dentistry experts ready to assist at a time and location convenient to you.

You may pay by cash, credit card, or dental insurance. For patients without insurance, we can often work within the family budget.

What are dental emergencies?

Dental emergencies are accidents or trauma causing damage to your teeth or gums and can include bleeding, broken tooth, loose teeth, cracked or knocked-out teeth, mouth swelling, sudden acute dental pain, and other symptoms. Continuous pain is an indication that your oral health is at risk. If so, it’s time to contact a dental office immediately. When you are dealing with a dental emergency there is no better dentistry expert to call than Madison Emergency Dental Pros.

Gum swelling or tooth bleeding can occur after hours, leaving some patients unsure how to find a dentistry expert to help with their teeth.

Our team handles all types of dentistry, including urgent care. When one of the following dental issues strike, schedule an appointment with our dentists as soon as possible:

  • Toothaches
  • Knocked-out Tooth
  • Lost Fillings
  • Gum Bleeding
  • Abscess
  • Chipped Tooth
  • Broken Denture
  • Other Dental Emergencies

Once you contact one of our local dental clinics and are waiting for your dentist to become available, a patient or family member with a dental emergency can rinse their mouth with warm water to help with the pain. If your location is in or around Madison WI, after hours dental care isn’t a problem for Madison Emergency Dental Pros.Emergency Dental Pros in Madison, Wisconsin

Regardless of whether you are coming from Fitchburg or Nolen Dr, Madison, WI 53703, our local emergency dentist can assist you and your family with any dental needs. We advise patients to skip the emergency room visit and call our phone number to get professional emergency dental care.

How can we prevent dental emergencies?

Dental injuries, trauma, and accidents happen unexpectedly, so preparing for them is tough. Preventative dentistry is the best way to avoid emergencies involving your teeth, gums, and oral health.

Wisconsin patients and their family members are encouraged to schedule a check-up appointment with our licensed dentists every six months. Observing a healthy dental routine including regular brushing and flossing can help maintain good oral hygiene.

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