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Emergency Dental Pros is one of the prominent dental companies in Mesa, AZ. For 20 years, our company has been serving families and providing top-of-the-line emergency dental care utilizing the latest technological innovations.dentist checking the teeth of the patient picture

With our high-tech facilities and quick response times, our team is well known to provide expert dental care treatment for a tooth abscess, tooth decay, and anything dental. We work with the best of the best emergency dentists in Arizona who are well versed in handling a tooth infection, root canal repair, lost filling procedure, broken teeth, and other oral trauma. Our dental practitioners have honed their skills through years of practice.

Our emergency dentists are always prepared to provide dental treatment at any time of the day on any day of the week. With Mesa Emergency Dental Pros, you are assured that our representatives are ready to assist you Monday to Friday, on weekends or even on a Sunday when most dental clinics are closed. Your dental emergency is a priority, and that is something our professional emergency dentist in Mesa understands.

From a minor knocked-out tooth to a complicated root canal procedure, our emergency dentist can handle whatever you need. There may be other emergency dental providers in Mesa, AZ., but why spend time searching when you can call us to get relief as soon as possible.

Mesa Emergency Dental Pros strives to provide patients around the city, excellent oral care services. We diligently track appointments to ensure correct scheduling and timely fulfillment. Our team is trained to respond to any tooth problem with a sense of urgency while making every patient feel at ease throughout the dental treatment process.

Partner with an experienced 24-hour emergency dental care company in Mesa, AZ. Contact Emergency Dental Pros for immediate treatment and relief. You may schedule an appointment at any time of the day to resolve your broken or knocked-out tooth problem. We offer quick and efficient solutions, so don’t waste time; contact us today.

Dealing With A Dental Emergency? – Give Us A Ring!

Dental emergencies often come unannounced. A broken tooth can affect you at the worst times, while you are at an important event or when you are in the middle of work. There is no need to tolerate these conditions. Call us for an immediate dental care solution.

Because most dental emergencies require urgent treatment, we suggest you speak to one of our dentistry experts even if you suspect you may need urgent care. Some tooth damage issues may require x-rays or a thorough check-up to determine the root cause of the pain so that relief may be provided to the patient as soon as possible. 

You might ask yourself if you should replace your knocked-out tooth without the help of a professional emergency dentist? It’s safe to say that the answer is NO. You should always seek professional assistance if you experience any type of dental trauma. 

A severe abscess or even minor decay can cause tooth pain. This isn’t a condition that painkiller medication can resolve. Attempting to treat dental problems with pain medication will only prolong the pain and prevent your family member from receiving a proper and permanent solution. If you are having a dental problem, don’t delay, dial our local hotline number. You may also visit our local office for a detailed check-up, X-ray, or other tests.

We offer a variety of dental care services. Our team is able to relieve your pain, cure your infection and repair your dentures at reasonable prices. Make us your emergency dental care partner in Mesa and let us take care of your oral health.

Most Common Dental Emergencies 

Sometimes, a dental emergency can be a severe risk to your oral health, especially if treatment you need is delayed. This is why we urge our patients in Mesa, Arizona, to get immediate care. A simple lost filling or crown can cause you or any of your family members severe discomfort, or worse, put your oral health at risk.

Don’t take chances; call our local office in Mesa, Arizona. Our hotline is accessible 24 hours Monday to Sunday.  We are never closed and always open to serve. Whatever dental emergency you have, a chipped tooth, a lost filling or crown, bleeding gums, or broken teeth, we got you covered.

If you encounter any of the following, call our office and schedule an appointment right away.

Fractured tooth
Lost Crown or Filling
Cracked Teeth
Severe Toothache
Broken Denture
Bleeding Gums

No dental emergency should be ignored. No issue is too small or too big for our emergency dental care experts in Mesa, AZ. We treat every problem as a priority. A root canal infection, lost crown, toothache, jaw pain, chipped tooth, etc., should be treated immediately.

Call or visit our local office to be assisted by one of our friendly expert staff in Mesa, AZ. After all, a poorly done crown or root canal may necessitate another procedure down the road. Don’t hesitate to speak with us whenever you encounter a dental emergency. Our friendly and professional dentist in Mesa, AZ. has you covered 24/7.

Why Choose Mesa Emergency Dental Pros

There are many emergency dental care companies in Mesa, AZ, and it may not be difficult for you to schedule an appointment during the day, but what if you encounter a problem on a Wednesday at 7:00 pm or after the set office hours of most clinics in the area?Emergency Dental Pros in Mesa, Arizona

This is where we come into the picture. Emergency Dental Pros is not your ordinary dentistry partner. We are available 24 hours a day so you don’t have to wonder what our hours are.  For years we have been serving not only patients in Mesa, AZ but also other cities nearby. Our professional staff is available Monday at 7:00 am, Thursday at 7:00 pm, Friday at 10:00 pm or anytime you need us.

We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Most clinics in Mesa, AZ, will at most observe 9 am to 6 pm business hours, Monday to Saturday, and are closed Sunday. Our patients do not have to worry about our operating hours as our office hotline is open around the clock. You can come on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or even today.

On top of our 24/7 accessibility, our affordable rates are one of the main reasons patients continue to patronize our dental services. You can get your teeth cleaned without concern about your budget; as one of the top emergency dental care companies in Mesa, AZ., we believe quality dental care should never be expensive.

When a lost tooth filling procedure is executed poorly, it will likely result in another dental emergency down the road. Partner with a dental service that provides expert care and does  things right the first time.  We have availability on Thursday 7:00 pm, Friday 7:00 am or on Saturday. You can trust us to be there for you whenever the need arises.

Contact us for a toothache or for that first tooth extraction. Our dentist will make sure your first dental care experience is relaxing and convenient. Call us today and get that tooth problem resolved as soon as possible.

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We know patients can sometimes feel apprehensive when it comes to dental work and they may hesitate to schedule an appointment with our dentist. But avoiding visiting our local office for that necessary tooth extraction will prevent you from receiving the dental care you need from our certified dentist.

The unfortunate truth is, pain won’t go away on its own unless the root cause of the problem is resolved. Our dental experts will provide the best of the best tooth extractions, cleanings, fillings, and more. We are only a call away and always ready to serve our patients needs.

If you encounter a mouth injury or a broken tooth on a Sunday, there is no need to wait; call us immediately. Sometimes a minor delay can lead not only to severe pain but also result in major complications. Don’t wait until next Tuesday to have a thorough consultation with our dentist.

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