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If you are suffering from a toothache, broken tooth, mouth injury, or other dental trauma you want relief right away. When you have a dental emergency every moment counts. Miami Dental Emergency Pros is the office to call for 24-hour dental services. Day or night we are available.

Our dental office is equipped to handle any challenge. Call our office to set an appointment if you need emergency treatment immediately. Most dental offices in Miami are set up to provide preventative care to maintain your oral health. They offer teeth cleaning, tooth fillings, teeth bonding, and other standard procedures. Their focus is not emergency dental care.

Miami emergency dentistsOur dentistry experts are specially trained to treat a variety of dental emergencies. We can relieve tooth pain caused by swelling, bleeding gums, knocked-out teeth, tooth abscess, etc. Some dental trauma, like a root canal, may require complex treatment. Certain procedures may require the services of a dentistry professional, to ensure proper results.

Dental Emergency – Get Help Now

When you have severe dental pain and need to see a dentistry expert fast, please call Miami Emergency Dental Pros. Our patients in Miami, FL know we deliver pain relief. You can call our dental office right now to schedule an appointment for a chipped tooth, oral infection, or severe toothache. Our South Florida emergency dentistry team is on standby 24 hours a day.

Our emergency dentists know, the longer you delay dental treatment, the worse the pain will get. Not only will the pain and discomfort become unbearable but you are also putting your oral health at risk. A swelling mouth or bleeding gums is not something to ignore. Infection can be the result of undiagnosed and untreated dental trauma. Patients who delay treatment are risking more than their teeth, they are risking infection which can spread through the body.

Some patients are reluctant to seek emergency dental care because of concerns about cost. Miami Emergency Dental Pros accepts dental insurance and also offers patients flexible payment plans. Even without insurance, our emergency dentist will address your tooth problem and free you from discomfort.

Call or visit our office right away for any dental emergency. Our emergency dentist and diverse South Florida team and will ensure you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment. We handle dental emergencies every day. Our emergency dentist has a staff trained in a variety of dental services including treatments for cracked teeth, a loose tooth, or knocked-out teeth.

Toothaches and other painful dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them. You might be riding on an airboat in Everglades National Park when you lose your balance and end up with a broken tooth. Or maybe you are at a Miami Heat game and your toothache is causing swelling in your mouth. Miami Emergency Dental Pros is here to free you from the pain of those untimely dental emergencies.

Same-Day Emergency Dental Service

What would emergency dentistry be without the ability to offer same-day appointments?

When you need emergency treatment there is no time to waste. Our emergency dentist is accustomed to unscheduled emergency appointments. Our dental office will make every effort to address your tooth pain the same day you call our emergency dentist.

Don’t let tooth pain ruin your daily routine. That’s what same-day emergency dental service is all about. There is no reason to suffer through another day with a throbbing toothache. Truthfully, it’s not going away on its own. Let our professional Miami dentists check your teeth. They will thoroughly examine your mouth, come up with a proper diagnosis of your dental condition and discuss your options.

Over the years, patients have come to trust in our emergency oral care services. They know our staff will take the time to ensure each patient is comfortable with the treatments our dentist believes will best address the dental emergency they are experiencing. Our emergency dentistry services are designed to resolve painful toothaches, root canals, severe infection, bleeding, knocked-out teeth, and other dental emergencies.

Free yourself from discomfort right away. Call today to see if we can schedule you for a same-day appointment. To get the critical dental emergency patient care you need as soon as possible, see our emergency dentist immediately.

Endodontic Emergency Dental Care Miami FL

When you are looking for an emergency dentist in Miami, you should know there are dental experts who specialize in emergency dentistry. Here is a list of the various types of dentistry experts:

  1. General Dentist
  2. Oral Pathologist – Oral Surgeon
  3. Endodontist
  4. Periodontist
  5. Orthodontist
  6. Pedodontist – Pediatric Dentist
  7. Prosthodontist

It can be confusing to know which dentistry professional you need when you have a problem with your teeth. Miami Emergency Dental Pros dentistry experts can direct you to the proper dental professional for your unique situation. Contact our Miami FL dental office team with any questions about your tooth pain. Find the right dentistry professional to schedule an appointment with.

An endodontist is a specially trained dental professional that is an expert at saving your natural teeth when you experience dental trauma. They handle dental emergencies that involve the nerve of a tooth. Endodontists perform root canal procedures. They can also help with decay in and around the nerve of a tooth. Unlike a general dentist, an endodontist is an emergency dentistry specialist.

If you have nerve damage in your teeth you will want to set an appointment with an endodontist as soon as possible. Infection to the nerve or pulp of your tooth is a serious issue requiring the care of an emergency dentist. Sometimes tooth pain is not just tooth pain, it can be much more.

Miami Emergency Dental Pros can connect you with the correct dental emergency expert to handle issues concerning your teeth and gums. Contact us immediately if you have swelling, bleeding, or a tooth abscess.

Pedodontist – Pediatric Dentist Miami

A pedodontist is a dentistry specialist that is equipped and trained to provide dental care to children. Dental emergencies are common in children and can involve baby teeth or permanent teeth. Typically children will damage their front teeth by tripping and falling, especially when they are learning how to walk.

Children with dental emergencies require special consideration. They may need to be sedated to perform complex dentistry procedures that require them to be still for a long period of time.

Unlike an adult tooth, a baby tooth should NOT be placed back in the socket. You may inadvertently cause damage to the permanent tooth that is growing behind it. There may be damage to the gums and surrounding tissue that require attention. In this instance, you will want to see a Pediatric Dentist right away.

Pedodontist dentistry is a specialty that requires unique training and skills. If your child has experienced dental trauma you will want to contact or visit a Pediatric Dentist as soon as possible.

Our Dentists do more than Emergency Services

Yes, emergency patient care is at the center of what we do. But our dental team consists of a variety of dental care experts including general dental care. If you need a cosmetic dentistry procedure, we can do that. If you need bonding, a tooth extraction, or a filling replaced, our dentist is equipped to handle any tooth problem. Since our office is open 24 hours a day, we can get you in for an appointment to visit our dentist at a time convenient to you.

Our patients know they can visit us during non-traditional office hours. Monday works for us but we are also open on Saturday and Sunday. When you need dental care, when you have acute tooth pain, visit or contact us immediately. Our dentist is waiting for your call. We are your preferred emergency dentist in Miami, FL.

Getting rid of your pain is only a call away. From cosmetic dentistry to dental emergencies, our dentist is there for you. We make toothaches history.

Contact us today.

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