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Finding a reliable dentist open after normal office hours can be frustrating, especially if you are in terrible pain. But after-hours dental services are not a problem at Montgomery Emergency Dental Pros. Our dental services are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.dentist explaining the good news photo

Search results can be overwhelming, especially in a place like Montgomery, Alabama. An emergency dentist referral is difficult to obtain from friends and colleagues because dental emergency care is needed so infrequently. Skip the hours of searching and call us to address your dental emergencies immediately.

Montgomery Emergency Dental Pros provides comprehensive emergency dental care. Each emergency dentist on our team has the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to handle general, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry. We are more than capable of handling common dental emergencies.

In addition, our emergency dental clinic is equipped with the high-tech tools and equipment needed to properly assess, identify and treat dental emergencies. Whether it’s sudden dental pain, sensitivity due to tooth decay, a root canal infection, or excessive gum bleeding, our professional dentist in Montgomery can provide the emergency care you need.

Our Montgomery emergency dentists, dental hygienists, root canal specialists, etc., provide a high standard of service. We choose our team members carefully. Treating common dental emergencies such as a broken tooth, severe tooth pain, extreme bleeding, and swelling requires expertise.

Emergency Dental Pros is committed to assisting current and new patients in each step of the process. If a dental emergency is putting your dental health at risk, we can help. Call our emergency dentist today for a damaged tooth, oral pain, and other dental issues, during and after normal business hours.

For general health emergencies, visit your local hospital emergency room for immediate medical attention.

A Customized Dental Experience

Emergency Dental Pros has the skills, training, and experience to provide patients with top-of-the-line dental services. Not only can we resolve common dental emergencies such as a severe toothache or lost filling, but our emergency dental care experts are also equipped to handle and treat gum infections, root canal concerns, and other oral diseases.

When you visit us for same-day assistance or call us for an immediate appointment, our local dentist will fully examine your teeth, gums, and mouth. An X-ray and a series of tests will be conducted to diagnose and identify the problem. This enables us to create a dental plan that is customized for you.

Our patients’ oral health is our priority. Anything that causes severe pain or oral discomfort are emergency situations you should address right away. Call our dentist in Montgomery, AL, and schedule an emergency appointment for your family member today.

We provide excellent services to those who need our help. Our goal is to provide the best emergency dental care and a one-of-a-kind patient experience. Our entire staff in Montgomery, AL, does a great job of making new patients feel welcome and at ease. Our current patients can attest to that.

There are many dental providers in the Montgomery area, but finding one that offers 24-hour emergency dental services is not easy. Even when a dental emergency happens after midnight, patients should call our office for immediate care.

As always, if you have a medical emergency, head to the nearest hospital emergency room.

In need of immediate care? Contact Emergency Dental Pros!

Extreme pain in your mouth is a valid dental emergency. You don’t have to search the entire web to find an emergency dentist for fast service. Emergency Dental Pros is a professional dental office that can provide immediate care and pain relief.

We have served countless emergency patients in Montgomery, AL, and nearby cities. Our team provides prompt and professional dental care and performs dental procedures with a high proficiency rate. Most importantly, our dental coverage is around the clock, which means you can call us for immediate dental treatment any time of day.

There are many reasons why patients regard us as the #1 dental provider in Alabama. When it comes to dental care, we are your best option.

Certified and Experienced Emergency Dentists

Oral health plays a vital part in your general well-being. A minor tooth problem can cause sleepless nights and gravely impact your health. That is something you want to avoid.

Every emergency dentist on our team is trained to identify and treat difficult tooth and gum problems. They know whether they can save your broken teeth or if a tooth extraction is necessary. Every dentist on our team is licensed to perform a tooth extraction, advanced dental procedures, and cosmetic treatments. Our emergency dentists are capable of handling all types of dental emergencies.

If your permanent tooth is knocked out, don’t panic. Our certified and experienced dentist can often take care of that the same day. Do not delay treatment, especially if there is excessive bleeding.

24 Hour Emergency Dental Care

When you are experiencing oral pain, there is no better solution than a same-day appointment with an emergency dentist. Rinsing your mouth with warm water or placing a cold compress on your tooth can lessen the pain, but this is not a permanent solution.

Our team understands that a dental emergency can happen at the most inconvenient time. But not all dental offices are open round the clock. We believe dental care services should be accessible 24/7.

We discourage patients from going to a hospital emergency room for dental emergencies. Medical doctors can treat you based on your condition and medical history, but they do not have the proper training to handle knocked-out teeth, gum infections, or any other type of dental emergency.

If you do have a medical emergency, head to the nearest emergency room. Afterward, contact our hotline for your dental needs. We have on-call emergency dentists available around the clock to answer your call and assist you ASAP.

Reasonable Rates and Flexible Payment Plans

Cost is one of the reasons why patients hesitate to have a problem with their tooth checked. If your tooth gets knocked out, it’s not enough to bite down on sterile gauze or push the tooth back into its socket. You need the help of dental care provider as soon as possible.

Emergency Dental Pros offers the same reasonable rates to all patients. Many of our patients are surprised to find the cost of dental services is within their budget.Emergency Dental Pros in Montgomery, Alabama

You can have your tooth extracted, filling replaced, or brace wire fixed and pay in cash or credit card, but we always try to have your dental insurance pay for services first. For patients without insurance, we offer flexible payment options.

Don’t endure pain just because your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of your dental emergency. Call our office and discuss the matter with us. We will give you an initial assessment, walk you through the process and explain the expenses involved. For patients who need extensive care, we offer installment payment plans.

Schedule a dental appointment today!

Do you need a dental care provider that is accessible 24/7? Emergency Dental Pros is here for you. Our dental services are available around the clock, plus we accept insurance, cash, and credit card payments.

Your oral health is our priority. No one deserves to suffer through hours of pain and discomfort. We cover your dental needs day and night to have peace of mind. Call our professional dentistry experts ASAP.

If you are dealing with a severe abscess or damaged pulp, our dental hygienist and emergency dentist can help. They will provide fast pain relief and ensure your infected tooth doesn’t cause further damage. Please don’t waste time, see us immediately.

To make an appointment for same-day treatment, call our office today!

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