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Emergency Dental Pros is here to help with your knocked-out tooth, accidental dental trauma, extreme toothache, broken brace wire, cracked tooth filling, or mouth infection. A dental emergency can happen at a place like the Lake Perris State Recreation Area. So it’s comforting to know you can get quality emergency dental services right when you need them.dentists reading dental patient record picture

We are ready to address your dental emergencies. Our team of professional and friendly emergency dentists is on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patients don’t need to wait for the next business day or cancel important events just to set an appointment with our emergency dentist.

We respond promptly to patients’ calls because we understand urgent dental emergencies are painful and uncomfortable. Moreno Valley Emergency Dental Pros will thoroughly assess your situation. Our emergency dentist will gently examine your teeth and help you get temporary relief while you wait.

24/7 Emergency Dental Services

As you enter our local dental office in Moreno Valley, CA, we will conduct a comprehensive dental examination, including an x-ray if necessary, to immediately identify the cause of your tooth pain. From the moment you walk into our emergency room, we will begin to administer the proper emergency dental care.

A chipped tooth, root canal infection, sudden toothache, etc., are common dental emergencies, that need treatment as soon as possible. Our decades of experience is your assurance we can end the discomfort and restore your smile once more.

Call our 24/7 dentist in Moreno Valley, CA, whenever you need emergency dental care. Urgent treatment and dental solutions are our expertise. You can always count on our network of highly skilled dentists.

Are you dealing with a dental emergency? We are here to help. 

Abscesses, loose tooth fillings, infected or swelling gums, cracked crowns and severe toothaches are just some dental emergencies we address every day. If you have an urgent dental injury or need treatment for toothaches or tooth decay, don’t waste time. Contact or visit our emergency dentistry experts immediately.

Our caring and prompt Moreno Valley network of dentists are always available to treat your teeth and gums. From the time you call our office for help to the moment you leave our premises, you will receive professional expert care.

You should never ignore a lost crown, tooth abscess, or infected tooth. Whatever dental problem you are dealing with, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. When a patient comes in on short notice, our Moreno Valley staff will try to squeeze you in for a same-day treatment.

Whether it’s a minor dental injury or a serious accident, dental emergencies need immediate attention. They can affect your teeth and put your oral health at risk. Yes, dental cleanings can wait, but dental emergencies causing significant pain and discomfort cannot.

Visit our office or dial our phone number and speak to our emergency dentistry experts in Moreno Valley. We have a network of dentists you could talk to during or after office hours. Don’t settle for temporary remedies. If you need emergency dental care, get in touch with us right away.

Save yourself from great discomfort and hours of tooth pain. Phone our dentist for immediate and permanent relief.

Why is Preventive Dentistry important?

While emergency dentistry will take care of an infected root canal, chipped tooth, broken denture, or lost crown, preventative care can help prevent future dental emergencies.

Despite a good oral routine, a patient can suffer from a knocked-out tooth or unwanted dental emergency because of a dental injury or accident. Preventative dentistry is designed to prevent tooth decay, an infected tooth socket, or unhealthy roots. This is what makes preventive care essential.Emergency Dental Pros in Moreno Valley, California

Following a regular appointment regimen with your dentist can help you avoid the following dental problems:

  • Tooth decay
  • Abscess
  • Gum disease
  • Tartar build up
  • Early signs of cancer (throat and mouth)
  • Medical complications related to oral health

Preventive care includes dental cleanings, regular check-ups, and examinations. Your dentist can quickly identify and will gently remove plaque build-up that can cause tooth decay and lead to a severe dental emergency.

Is it possible to avoid a severe toothache in the future? Absolutely, YES. And our network of dental experts can help you do that.

Don’t lose that smile. Book your appointment now!

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