Emergency Dental Care in Murfreesboro, TN

People assume dental emergencies will never happen to them but the truth is they happen all the time. That’s why knowing what to do in an emergency is vital.

Thanks to the internet, patients have more access to helpful information such as home remedies. But are these temporary solutions enough?dental patient during tooth extraction photo

If you have a dental accident at Stones River National Battlefield, a warm water rinse or cold compress won’t solve the problem, especially if it’s an issue with a permanent tooth. Your best option is to contact our emergency dentistry expert.

A certified emergency dentist is necessary when you have severe tooth pain, bleeding, and other common dental emergencies. Our well trained emergency dental professionals will quickly determine the best course of action for your dental emergency.

Applying first aid after a dental emergency at Discovery Center at Murfree Spring can save your tooth from extraction. When dealing with a knocked-out or broken tooth, don’t hesitate to check out our emergency dental care services.

Every emergency dentist on our team is trained to expedite dental solutions to decrease the risk of complications. There is no need to panic when a dental emergency occurs, especially if you have our number handy.

We have emergency dentists on standby ready to take your call. We are open Monday to Sunday, even on scheduled holidays. Our team has helped many patients from neighboring cities and surrounding communities. You can visit our dental office, even if you live outside Murfreesboro, TN.

New patients are encouraged to give us a call in advance, but for dental issues that need immediate attention, feel free to call our office and schedule a same-day appointment. Don’t put your dental health at risk because your regular dentist in Murfreesboro, TN, is not available.

Common dental emergencies should receive complete treatment as soon as possible. No patient deserves suffering or traumatic pain. We provide easy access to our emergency dental services because your oral health is our priority.

Certified Emergency Dentist – Murfreesboro, TN

A broken tooth, severe toothache, and chipped tooth are just some of the dental emergencies patients deal with every day. Even a minor problem like a hairline fracture in your tooth should never be ignored.

Whenever our local dentist in Murfreesboro, TN, sees a new patient, they are careful to acknowledge their anxiety, especially when a damaged tooth is causing pain. No matter how simple your dental emergency might seem , you should contact our nearest dentist or head to our dental office for same-day treatment.

Emergency dentistry is a more involved treatment than a scheduled teeth cleaning or over-the-counter medicines, but treating an emergency right away can actually save you money in the long run.

Broken teeth can lead to severe infection if not addressed immediately. Using a home remedy to treat a severe toothache can cause a patient to suffer unnecessarily. Broken dentures can result in discomfort and continuous pain if you don’t get immediate help.

Contact a licensed emergency dentist from our team for prompt and effective treatment. Setting an appointment with us is easy. We have operators on duty, ready to assist patients suffering from tooth problems and other dental emergencies.

The most important thing to remember is our hotline number. When an unexpected dental emergency occurs, you want to have our contact information ready and available. It’s easy to get in touch with our dentistry doctor to treat your condition for quick relief.

Are bleeding gums a dental emergency?

Occasionally, the inside of your mouth will bleed. Minor bleeding is typically not a cause for concern.

Unless there is a larger problem, most bleeding will just be short term. A change in you teeth brushing habits can cause regular bleeding. If this happens you wat to focus more on proper flossing and improving your overall dental care routine.Emergency Dental Pros in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Any routine that is too aggressive, can result in a dental emergency. How to implement a healthy dental routine is something you should discuss with your emergency dentist. To have us monitor your progress, schedule a regular appointment with our office.

Some patients may wait a few days before calling and speaking with our dentistry experts. Why would you endure pain and discomfort unnecessarily? Contact our office number for help.

We will stop your bleeding and gum woes in no time.

Bleeding Gums and Treatment Options

How do our highly-trained dentists deal with dental emergencies such as infected teeth and bleeding gums?

Treatment for gum bleeding is based on the condition and severity of the disease. It is important to recognize the early signs of gum disease. Sometimes the effects of gum disease can be reduced and even reversed through lifestyle changes.

These lifestyle changes start with setting a regular appointment with our dentist at least twice a year. Also, the basics are critical. Brush and floss your teeth regularly.

For more advanced cases of gum disease, there are treatments like scaling and root planing. Other alternatives include sealants or even laser treatments.

Emergency Dental Pros is happy to evaluate your condition and recommend the best dental care solution for you. Call our emergency dental care experts to find out what can be done to stop advancing gum disease.

Call Emergency Dental Pros Immediately!

We are your ideal partner when it comes to emergency dental care, but you can also call our local dentist for anything concerning your teeth, mouth, or overall dental health.

Patients can call us to schedule teeth cleaning, general dentistry, cosmetic procedures, and emergency relief – anything dental. We can examine your tooth fillings, install dentures, restore a knocked-out permanent tooth and work on any dental accident.

Our emergency dentistry services are better suited to handle your dental injuries than a medical emergency room.

You do not have to worry about the cost of your dental treatment as our office has flexible payment options. We also accept most dental insurance plans, so don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.

Give us the chance to treat you and your family. Whether you are looking for toothache relief or denture repairs, our emergency dental care experts will make your tooth pain history.

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