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An unexpected dental emergency can surely ruin your day. Severe pain, bleeding, and unusual discomfort are just some of the symptoms you may experience with dental emergencies. If you have these or other severe symptoms, don’t attempt a home remedy. Contact an emergency dentist.

Newark Emergency Dental Pros has experienced, licensed, and insured dental associates. They are on standby around the clock to provide excellent emergency dental services to existing and new patients. So whether you have experienced a knocked-out tooth or are in need of a cosmetic procedure for a chipped tooth, call our professional dentists to assist you.dental patient smiling while dentist checks her teeth picture

Immediate dental care is not something you can easily find. You may visit an emergency room for temporary relief, but this will not help end a painful night. Whenever you need immediate procedures to address common dental emergencies, you can call our dental office as soon as possible. Your dental health may be at risk, even if the problem seems minor.

Set an appointment with our friendly and reliable emergency dentistry expert to arrange a local dental office visit. Our dentists in Newark, New Jersey, will make sure you and your family get relief from any painful tooth injury and are free from dental infection. Our emergency dentist will make sure your root canal issue, toothache, dental trauma, broken tooth, or gum disease is treated as soon as possible.

24/7 Emergency Dental Services

Dental emergencies happen at the most unexpected times. Whether you are at home or at one of the tourist attractions in Newark, NJ, you can encounter a sudden toothache or lose a crown while you are having a good time. Emergency dental care is not easy to find, especially if you have a root canal infection causing severe pain after standard business hours or on the weekend. This is why we offer 24-hour dental services.

We recommend every patient partner with our round-the-clock dental associates team. If you need professional emergency dental care at 5:00 am or at midnight, you can imagine the pain you would go through if you had to wait until Tuesday to receive emergency dental care from a local dentist in Newark.

We have emergency dentists on-site available 24/7 to help patients with their dental emergencies. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, you are free to call our hotline for these and other emergency dental services:

  • Routine Check, X-ray, and Dental Examinations
  • Regular Dental Cleanings
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Replacement of Tooth Fillings and Crowns
  • Dental Injury and Mouth Trauma Procedures
  • Broken or Knocked-out Teeth Treatment
  • Infection and Abscess Treatment
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Immediate Dental Care

Patients can contact our office for the above services any time of the day. Since the condition of your teeth and gums is important to your general health, severe mouth pain is not something you should ignore or delay. A minor toothache can escalate to your jaw, head, or other parts of your body.

You may waste your time talking to a medical doctor about your oral emergency. Call the phone number listed on our site to speak to an emergency dentistry expert. Our emergency dentist will make every effort to have your dental emergency resolved immediately.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. You can call us for a same-day appointment or schedule one the following Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Visit us today so we can restore your smile.

When should you see a dentist?

Some oral issues do not need urgent treatment from a licensed emergency dentist. But how do you know if it’s the right time to contact a dental office?

Pain, excessive bleeding, and swelling are symptoms you should not ignore. If your teeth are causing hours of pain and great discomfort, do not hesitate to call an emergency dentist from our team to check your teeth immediately.

Anything causing unusual pain is an emergency. Regardless of whether your insurance covers the treatment or not, it is critical to your general and dental health to have our dentistry expert identify the cause of that pain right away. We have highlighted some dental emergencies that require examination by an emergency dentist that should receive treatment right away.

Broken Tooth/Teeth

A mouth injury or a fractured tooth may seem minor, but these can lead to severe infection if not treated immediately. Whenever you encounter a dentistry problem like a knocked-out tooth, you should contact our dentist in Newark to guide you through the steps of putting the tooth back in its socket while you wait for your appointment.

Severe Tooth Pain

Sudden pain is a sign of a serious infection or tooth abscess. If you feel sudden tooth sensitivity, call our Newark dental clinic and set an appointment for the next available hour. Avoid making a phone call to an emergency room doctor. Our local experienced and certified emergency dentist in Newark, NJ is the best option to check your oral health.

Lost Filling and Broken Crowns

A loose crown or lost filling can cause great discomfort and affect your food intake. This can also expose your tooth to possible infection or decay. Do not allow this oral condition to deteriorate and damage your tooth completely. Our office in Newark, NJ, is open 24 hours a day, so make that phone call to our emergency dentist as soon as possible .Emergency Dental Pros in Newark, New Jersey

Tooth Abscess

An abscess is a serious emergency. Do not wait until next Friday before placing a phone call to our office staff. The sooner a patient calls for help, the easier it is for us to treat the abscess formation, stop possible swelling and prevent complications. For immediate emergency dental care set an appointment with our highly skilled and 24 hour Newark staff to address that dental emergency at the soonest time possible.

Does insurance cover dental fillings?

Almost all dental insurance plans cover regular checkups and routine dental cleanings. For a dental emergency like a lost filling or cracked tooth, you can call your insurance provider to determine if the emergency treatment your dentist recommends is covered.

Our staff advises each patient to contact their insurance company to become familiar with their emergency dental coverage. Though we provide an advanced quotation and a detailed breakdown, you should still verify that the treatment or procedures you need are covered by your insurance.

A patient may also avail themselves of our flexible payment options, so even if your insurance plan doesn’t completely cover your dental emergency, you should still give us a call. We will always work with you to get your beautiful smile back.

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