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A dental emergency is something impossible to avoid, no matter how strict your oral routine is. When emergency dentistry is needed, professional dental treatment should be your first priority.

Emergency Dental Pros is the go-to company for emergency dentistry. We offer general dentistry, cosmetic procedures, and emergency dentistry to patients who live near Rose Bowl Stadium, within the city of Pasadena and other areas in California.male dental patient and dentist in a photo

Our Pasadena Dental Team is comprised of licensed emergency dentists well versed in permanent tooth extraction, chipped tooth realignment, cracked tooth restoration, and all other types of emergency dental services.

Pain relief is our business. Whether it is a pain in your teeth, gums, or cheeks, you can call us for urgent care. The main goal is to prevent complications. Untreated dental problems can result in an abscess, infection, or something more serious. Contact our dental emergency expert in Pasadena, CA, to schedule a same-day appointment.

Saving your natural tooth or teeth is the objective of our emergency dentist. Pasadena, CA patients can expect a high quality matching prosthetic in instances when a permanent tooth cannot be saved.

Call our dentist office today. Let our team examine your mouth and treat the root cause of your discomfort.

What Are Some Common Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies vary from minor sensitivity in your teeth to severe bleeding in your gums.

The cause of a dental emergency is not always obvious. Many patients who suffer from an emergency are unable to determine the source of the problem. When you come to our office, our Pasadena dentists can help identify and resolve hidden dental problems.

There are many several types of dental emergencies, but some of the most common include:

Severe Toothaches

Toothaches are an indication of the existence of cavities, gum disease, or infections. A cold compress or a warm water rinse may temporarily alleviate the pain, but you need the expertise of our dentists to rule out infection.

Call an emergency dental care expert if you have a severe toothache that lasts for more than a few days. Aspirin or any over-the-counter pain reliever can help with symptoms but is not a permanent treatment. Visit our office for a same-day appointment and a long term solution.

Knocked-out teeth

If your tooth has been knocked out, it is vital to call an emergency dentist right away. The sooner you see one of our skilled emergency dentists in Pasadena, CA, the better the chance is we can save your teeth.

A knocked-out tooth is a very common dental emergency, especially if you are into active sports. Bleeding is inevitable when this happens but do not panic. Clean the area and store the tooth in a container filled with milk or saliva. Bring it with you to your appointment.

Broken teeth

If you have a broken tooth, call our emergency dentist. Depending on the nature of the trauma, a cracked tooth may need to be repaired or possibly extracted.

In some cases, we may refer you to our orthodontics specialist. Our team is comprised of various professional experts that can install crowns and fillings, and repair broken teeth. If you have experienced dental trauma, our Pasadena dentists have the expertise to provide critical dental care.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a serious condition that can lead to tooth loss. If you are suffering with gum issues, seek treatment from one of our trusted emergency dentists in Pasadena, CA, immediately. Do not wait for your family dentist to be available. Gum disease can cause a host of problems.

We set both same-day and scheduled appointments. Dial our phone number or visit our website. Because of the serious nature of emergency dentistry, our website does not have a form to schedule an appointment online. It’s best to call if you need help.

How Much Does It Cost To See An Emergency Dentist – Pasadena, CA?

The cost of seeing an emergency dentist varies depending on the procedure. Some procedures, like tooth extractions, are relatively inexpensive. Other procedures, like dental implants, can be more costly.

Emergency dentistry will cost you money, but delaying a dental appointment could cost you money and pain. You may view emergency dental care or an emergency visit with our dentist as an extra expense but trust me; the problem will only get worse if you skip the orthodontics you need.

A missing filling, for instance, may appear minor, but when not treated, this can lead to severe infection, requiring root canal therapy or other invasive procedure. It’s the same case with broken crowns and mouth prosthetics that have failed.

When dental emergencies happen, do not think twice about calling our office in Pasadena, CA. Your oral health issue can impact your general well-being and that’s not something you want to happen.

No matter what your budget is, our emergency dentist can help. It’s important to remember that the sooner you see a dentist for your dental emergency, the less expensive your treatment will be.

If you wait to see a dentist, your condition could worsen, and you could end up paying more for treatment. Check our available options for same-day and scheduled appointments.Emergency Dental Pros in Pasadena, California

You may phone us, visit our website or walk into our office on Washington Blvd whenever you experience a dental emergency. Our team is more than willing to get you the dental care you need.

Dental experts are waiting for your call. Contact us today!

In need of an oral health expert? Contact Emergency Dental Pros

A dental emergency can happen anytime, so it’s best to be ready with our phone number to avoid painful nights.

Our dental services are available to all clients in Pasadena. If you are already a client, just give us a call. Describe the details of your oral concern, and we’ll take it from there.

For new clients, we may need more complete information, including your dental care history, so we can ensure we get you the proper treatment.

When you need dental treatment, we are ready. Give our phone number a ring!

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