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In a perfect world, emergency dental care wouldn’t be necessary. Unfortunately dental accidents happen any place and any time. Whether you are having a scheduled meeting or enjoying lunch at Clear Lake Park, you don’t need to settle for temporary remedies when an unforeseen dental emergency happens. If you need immediate help, call our emergency dentistry experts right away.smiling male dentist

Pasadena Emergency Dental Pros has the resources and staff to relieve oral pain and restore your smile. Fortunately, our Pasadena dental team is available every day of the week. If a dental emergency occurs and you can’t stand the pain, contact us for quick emergency dental care.

For years, we have provided quality emergency dental services to patients in Pasadena and other cities in Texas. Our team is well equipped to handle dental emergencies. Every emergency dentist on our team is trained to perform any dental treatment, including root canal therapy, and other oral procedures our patients need.

We understand common dental emergencies happen at the most unexpected times and we are here to provide you with the treatment options you need. You can call our dentist office if a cracked tooth or missing crown happens after business hours. Our dentistry experts can advise you of the best ways to alleviate pain while you wait for our Pasadena emergency dentist to help you.

Some home remedies like a cold compress, warm salt water rinse, and over-the-counter pain relievers are ideal for relieving pain and mitigating damage. When severe tooth pain happens, stay calm. Gently rinse the affected tooth or teeth and see us during office hours.

Schedule an appointment via phone or pay an emergency visit to our Pasadena dental clinic. Our experienced dentists will be happy to complete your emergency examination and x-rays and provide you with an appropriate treatment protocol.

Clear Signs of a Dental Emergency

Not all patients get the help they should during a dental emergency. Some clients will wait, allowing their condition to worsen before finally seeking emergency care.

All patients should know how to spot the early warning signs of dental emergencies. When you experience the following symptoms, do not wait for the next day or the following week. Contact our emergency dental care experts ASAP.

  • Gum bleeding
  • Severe pain
  • Knocked-out tooth or teeth
  • Broken tooth or teeth
  • Mouth sores
  • Metal taste
  • Swelling

Patients who are not familiar with the common symptoms of dental emergencies could end up with an infection and dental complications. Patients will sometimes refuse to seek help from a reputable emergency dentist. They suffer in pain, believing home remedies can solve their problem.

Whether it’s a permanent tooth or a temporary tooth prosthetic, if there is a problem, call us for urgent dental care. Sometimes it’s convenient to head to a hospital emergency room, but complex dental emergencies such as a dental infection, or a gum tissue problem that affects the surrounding teeth, is hard to handle.

Only an experienced emergency dentist can create a proper and comprehensive treatment plan just for you.

At Emergency Dental Pros – We Care For Your Family’s Oral Health

Problems with your gums and natural teeth can be awful, and when you have no one to call, you could be in for a long night of severe pain and discomfort.

There is nothing worse than oral pain in the middle of the night. An ice pack can help, but this may only last for a few hours. Even common dental emergencies can grow into a life-threatening condition when not addressed immediately. Do not allow a manageable dental problem to get out of hand.

In an emergency, we recommended you call our emergency dentist and schedule a same-day appointment. Regardless of whether it’s a missing tooth, mouth bleeding, chipped tooth, or a complicated root canal infection, our dental emergency experts are equipped and skilled to provide you with immediate treatment.

Our emergency dentistry services cover all ages. Any family member dealing with discomfort or experiencing pain, our dentist has you covered. You can come to us for your child’s chipped tooth or your mom’s mouth sore.

Our Pasadena emergency dentist has the knowledge, skills, and experience to work on dental crowns, bleeding gums, broken teeth, or any kind of oral emergency.

Schedule an appointment today. It can make all the difference.Emergency Dental Pros in Pasadena, Texas

We Accept Dental Insurance For Your Dental Care Service

Keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth in great shape is critical. A dental emergency can happen no matter how hard you try to avoid chewing hard food or regularly use dental floss and rinse with warm water.

Don’t be concerned about how much you might be charged by your emergency dentist. Pasadena Emergency Dental Pros has developed cost-efficient ways to make dental emergencies affordable. Don’t hesitate to contact our dental office in Pasadena whenever you have a dental emergency.

Unfortunately, your local emergency room is unlikely to be much help if you have a broken or knocked-out tooth. The local ER is the best option if swelling or infection has spread to other parts of your body. Have a doctor attend to your medical issues and let our licensed dentist treat your infected tooth and mouth swelling.

If you need a tooth extraction, you can settle it with dental insurance. If your child needs dental wax or a tooth filling and does not have insurance, you can pay in cash or with credit card. With us, you never have to worry about hidden charges. We accept dental insurance and other payment methods.

Schedule an appointment and let our tooth repair experts take care of everything. We will discuss the root cause of your tooth problem, treatment options, and the costs involved. Our dental office has payment options – making dental emergencies affordable. We are okay with whatever option works for you.

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a stressful dental emergency. Our dentists will perform tests to identify the extent of your tooth infection. When a tooth problem persists even after a warm water rinse, see our dentist ASAP. For immediate help and a permanent dental solution, contact Emergency Dental Pros today.

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