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According to recent statistics by the CDC, around 47% of individuals aged 30 years and above have some kind of gum disease. Unfortunately, many people do not know how this condition starts, how it progresses, types of treatment, and the consequences of not treating it. Some people are not even aware there is a problem developing inside their mouths. Don’t make this mistake; visit a top periodontist regularly to know how your gums are doing and solve any present issues.

Are you searching for a “periodontist near me” or “gum specialist near me” to handle your gum issues? Let us help you here at Emergency Dental Pros. Whether you have a gum problem that requires treatment or just want to make sure your gum health is in check, we are a periodontal dentist who strives to offer high-quality services. With our #1 priority being customer satisfaction, you can rest assured we’ll do our best to ensure you leave our facilities a pleased client.

What is a Periodontist?Periodontist near me photo

Did you know that you may have interacted with a periodontist and thought he/she was a general dentist? Many people may not be aware of the field of periodontology because this is not a term you hear very often. However, it’s an area that is crucial. A periodontist, also known as a gum doctor or gum specialist, is a professional who specializes in gum health and is mainly concerned with the causes, diagnosis, management, and treatment of periodontal disease.

Periodontists differ from general dentists in that after completing dental school, they enroll for a further three years to study periodontology so that they can become board certified to provide services in this field.

What Does a Periodontist Do?

While your regular dentist can handle mild issues concerning your gum, a periodontist is best suited to handle complex and severe cases. This specialist in gums provides a wide array of services such as bone grafting, root planing, periodontist gum graft, crown lengthening, deep pocket cleaning, the removal of soft tissues, and many others. He/she is also well-trained in periodontal treatment involving dental implants. If you’ve been asking yourself what is a periodontist dentist, I hope now you have an idea who they are and what they can do.

If you’re searching for the “closest periodontist near me,” call us here at Emergency Dental Pros. We have partnered with these specialists from all over the country and can make your search easier. We can help you schedule your appointment with the best periodontist who will offer the highest quality of service. If you’re in pain and cannot wait, we can also assist in scheduling an appointment with an emergency periodontist. We also provide pediatric services, which means our services are not for adults alone. [1]

When Should I Visit a Periodontal Dentist Near Me?Photo of a professional periodontist

There are several signs that should trigger you to make the “periodontal office near me” or “periodontal doctor near me” search. Some of these signs are the feeling of loose teeth, receding gums, pain and discomfort in your gums, and swollen or bleeding gums. Generally, if you feel like there’s something unusual, making “periodontist in my area” search is crucial for a proper diagnosis.

Note that you don’t have to visit a gum disease specialist only when you feel something unusual; you can schedule a preventative appointment to maintain better oral health. This dental expert can recommend oral cleaning to keep your dental health in check. If you also went through a periodontal procedure in the past, regular visits to a periodontist are vital to observe the progress of your condition and prevent further issues.

What can you expect if your search for the “best dentist for gum disease near me” lands you at Emergency Dental Pros? If you choose to work with us, expect that any service will be provided in a clean, caring, and friendly environment. Also, expect our periodontist will review your past medical records to determine if you have a history of gum disease. From there, he/she will thoroughly assess your gums to determine what exactly you’re facing and determine the most suitable solution. Our specialists are very compassionate to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the diagnosis and treatment.

A Reputable Periodontist Around Me

Finding a reputable periodontist in your area isn’t always an easy task. In addition to searching “periodontal specialist near me,” or “the best periodontist near me,” you have to sort through the results as you evaluate their reviews. Make your work easier by contacting us here at Emergency Dental Pros.

We’ll immediately help you schedule an appointment with a gum specialist close to where you live. Regardless of whether the issue is small or complicated, our professionals can handle it. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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