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Accidents happen, and no one can avoid them completely. No matter how you plan or prepare, you can break or knock out a tooth while walking or playing a fun game at home. In short, dental emergencies and injuries are common occurrences. Anyone can suffer from a root canal infection, tooth abscess, gum bleeding, lost filling, cracked crown, dental trauma, and more.woman dental patient photo

Delaying treatment will only aggravate the issue and increase the chances of irreversible damage. You should visit our emergency dentist if you need immediate dental care treatment for your teeth and gums. Maintaining your oral health requires regular checkups. If you need urgent care, don’t waste time. Get the relief you need; call us today.

We are the right emergency dental group to call should you encounter unexpected problems with your mouth. Do you need an expert to immediately treat your dental pain even after midnight hours? Call our emergency dentist. Riverside Emergency Dental Pros is the #1 dental group in the area.

An emergency dentist can deal with severe infection, a loose implant, tooth pain, a broken or chipped tooth, and many other types of dental emergencies. You can drop by any of our dental clinics, ste. 1, ste. 2, or ste. 3. Each center in Riverside, California is equally adept at providing patients outstanding service. Regardless of your dental emergency, you should always obtain the services of an experienced dentistry expert.

Emergency Dental Group Care Experts

Emergency Dental Pros specializes in urgent treatments and unplanned dental appointments. We are the top regional dentistry and cosmetic treatment clinic. Our team provides prompt and outstanding dental emergency services. Patients coming from Arlington Ave and other areas in Riverside, CA 92506 should call us for their emergency dentistry needs.

Our emergency dentists in Riverside, CA, are trained on the latest dentistry innovations and utilize high-tech equipment to resolve all types of oral issues. From general dentistry to emergency dental procedures, you can always count on us. Patients can contact our 24-hour hotline if they encounter problems with their crowns, chipped teeth, gums, etc.

Emergency dentistry is one of our core services. Do not hesitate to call our local 951 number or visit our office on Arlington Ave Riverside, CA, if you need help with your broken tooth, lost filling, severe dental pain, or gum infection.

We are never closed. Our office is open 24 hours a day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

When should you go to ER for dental emergencies?

Accidents and dental emergencies are unavoidable. Dental pain from a severe tooth infection, could cause a family member to panic. If you have an accident in the middle of the night, you should visit the nearest emergency room as soon as possible.

Though we understand that you need treatment to address pain immediately, you should know that an ER doctor may not be equipped to handle some dental emergencies. We can save you from an unnecessary and expensive ER visit.

Below are some situations that warrant an immediate trip to the nearest emergency room in Riverside, CA 92506:

  • You are suffering from severe tooth pain accompanied by a high fever.
  • You have dental pain and difficulty breathing (or swallowing)
  • Your teeth or gums are bleeding, and applying pressure isn’t helping
  • Swelling due to tooth pain is spreading to other body parts like neck, jaw, eyes, etc
  • You have taken antibiotics, but the infection and swelling are getting worse

If none of these is happening, you may want to set an appointment with our local dentist in Riverside, California. You can contact our round-the-clock dental group to ensure you get immediate relief any time of the day.

You could always go to the emergency room, but you should save medical attention for those patients who need it most. For a dental emergency, call our office phone number (local 951 area code) to set an appointment with our Riverside dental expert. We can restore your smile in no time, so grab that insurance card and see us right away.

Can an emergency dentist extract a tooth?

Toothaches are common and patients will often call our dental office to have their tooth examined. You might think the only solution is to get the damaged teeth extracted, but that’s not the case.Emergency Dental Pros in Riverside, California

Depending on the circumstances we may suggest less impactful treatments. We advise patients with a lost filling or knocked-out tooth to gargle or rinse. Any dislodged tooth should be preserved in a container with salt water or milk.

Are we qualified to treat a dental emergency? YES, imminently. Any of our certified dental emergency experts can extract a tooth if it is causing patients pain even if the damage is difficult to manage.

Don’t wait to call our local 951 phone number to set an appointment. With or without insurance, our dental emergency expert will surely bring a smile to your face.

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