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It can be frustrating searching for available dental clinics when a dental emergency happens?

Get in touch with Salinas Emergency Dental Pros. We can handle your dental emergencies right away, even on scheduled holidays.

When you need immediate care, call our emergency dentist. Salinas patients trust Emergency Dental Pros to provide their family’s’ dental needs and to protect their oral health.

Our team of qualified local emergency dentists share a mutual objective to serve and care for the people of our city and neighboring areas. At our dental office, we use all our skills and resources to ensure every patient departs with a healthy smile.

Our dentists are local to Salinas. They are excited to be part of your neighborhood of dentists. And because they are recognized by the California Dental Association and American Dental Association, they can surely take care of your family’s dental and oral needs.

When you call us for emergency dental care, we will get you to the first available dentist, ready to treat your pain and end your suffering.

When ignored, your chipped or broken teeth, lost teeth, mouth infections, bleeding gums, and other dental emergencies, no matter how minor, can lead to further damage. You don’t have to wait for your regular dentist in Salinas to be available. Get in touch with us and set an appointment with our oral health experts immediately.

We Make It Easy For You To Smile.

At Emergency Dental Pros, we make it easy for patients to gain back their confidence. Our emergency dentist can transform your deteriorated gums and problem teeth into a healthy smile.

We routinely change perceptions of what a dental visit is supposed to be.


While in our dental clinic, you can relax with the gentle care and comfortable sedation options we offer.

We also offer advanced technology to make your visit super easy.

If you are in pain, our friendly staff will provide a temporary measure to eliminate the pain while you wait for our emergency dentist to prepare for your cosmetic dentistry procedure or tooth extraction.

We Aim For Convenience

Our patients enjoy the convenience of our flexible scheduling.

There is no need to sit in a waiting room for hours when a dental emergency occurs. We can often attend to your toothache, broken tooth, or other dental emergency the same day. We give you immediate care when you need it most.

Call our dentist in Salinas, CA, and we will immediately schedule your emergency tooth extraction or other urgent procedure at the soonest time possible.


When it comes to payment options, treatment processes, and pricing, we are always transparent.

Our friendly office staff will walk you through the process so you know what to expect during your appointment. Our local dentist will assess your dental emergency and fully explain the treatment and costs.

Plus, we will provide you with all the details to make sure that you have the information you need to make an informed decision.

Common dental emergencies such as a lost filling, tooth decay, or a missing crown can be inconvenient and costly. Depending on the circumstances, your emergency dentist may suggest dental implants, a tooth crown, cavity fillings, root canal therapy, or application of a quick denture adhesive.Emergency Dental Pros in Salinas, California

Accommodating Staff

Expect a warm and welcome greeting from our staff. Unlike the long lines you will find at most California emergency rooms, our staff will ensure you are well accommodated and receive prompt treatment.

Emergency Dental Pros focuses on providing outstanding dental services in a timely manner. Your interests are our priority. Whether you are a new or existing patient, we want to make you smile.

Whatever oral care you need, whether it is a dental emergency or not, we will take care of you.

Dental Emergencies and Same-day Appointments

Nobody should have to go through dental pain!

If you are experiencing a toothache, swelling, a broken tooth, or any mouth pain that is troubling you, do not settle for a lukewarm water or warm water rinse. Call our office right away. Let our experts take x-ray images, perform tests and examine your tooth.

We can provide urgent care no matter the hour or the day. Our dental services are accessible to all patients in Salinas, CA and the surrounding areas with our extended office hours, Monday to Sunday.

Dental Emergencies Clarified

What constitutes a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is any dental problem that should receive immediate attention. You might need to to save a tooth or you could be looking for serious pain relief. Maybe you were visiting Natividad Creek Park when an infection or uncontrolled mouth bleeding required urgent care.

At our dental clinic, our team ensures that we provide you with all the help you need, especially during times of emergency.

Common Dental Emergencies You Should Not Ignore

No medical attention or emergency room visit can address a tooth abscess. Yes, antibiotics can help reduce swelling but they may not prevent a serious gum infection. Anything that poses a threat to your dental health needs the expertise of a professional dentist in Salinas, CA.

For any of the dental issues below, rinse with lukewarm water and apply a cold compress. Immediately schedule an appointment with our office.

Chipped or Broken Teeth
Broken Tooth Crown
Missing Tooth Filling
Tooth Abscess
Root Canal and Mouth Infection
Pain and Swelling
Gum Bleeding
Knocked-out Teeth
Sports Injury / Dental Trauma

Do not wait for your tooth condition to worsen before requesting emergency dental care assistance. Visit our dental office on Main St., Salinas, California, as soon as possible, and we’ll get you in for a same-day appointment.

Talk to our dentist immediately!

Insurance for Emergency Dental Services

The question of whether a knocked-out tooth treatment, lost crown procedure, or root canal therapy is covered by insurance depends on the insurance company and your coverage.

Some plans will cover the cost of your dental emergency but charge a copay. Depending on your co-pay, you may be required to shoulder some of the cost. Other insurance plans only pay up to a certain limit.

At Emergency Dental Pros, we accept most major dental insurance plans. For patients without insurance, we offer several financing options.

Call our dental office in Salinas, CA, as soon as possible to get the help today.

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