Emergency Dentist in San Jose, California

Are you in need of immediate dental treatment in San Jose, CA?

If that tooth pain is bothering you too much, there is no need for you to wait for tomorrow. Call us now and get it over and done with. Please don’t stay in agony when you can call our emergency dentist. San Jose, CA, has been a home to us for years, and we will make sure we give back by keeping our promise to provide the best dental care service.

San Jose, CA, is already covered with the Emergency Dental Pros for anything dentistry. We are more than just your regular dentist in the city. What we bring to the table is precision and skill with anything dental.

With our San Jose dental services, we assure you that we bring nothing but excellence in giving the best care you need. Not only that, but we also make sure that our capable dentists administer dental advice with expertise and integrity. Just when other dentists try to add up as many procedures and prescriptions as possible, we only prescribe whatever is needed. With us, a visit to the dentist is comparable to a walk in the park – it is safe, affordable, comfortable, and convenient.

We have always been giving you options to choose from because our business involves care, not sales. Over the years, we have a long list of satisfied San Jose patients that have always been assured of their welfare over anything else. We drive to ensure that you come to our emergency room or clinic, trusting us with the care we provide.

With our emergency dental services in town, we strive hard to change a dental visit concept. We care for your tooth, gums, and dental needs, but we also make sure to grow a relationship of trust and confidence.

Our Services

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Whether it is something scheduled or any of your many dental emergencies in the middle of the night, we would surely be able to help you. 

From cosmetic dentistry, preventative to restorative dentistry, and even emergency dental, our services are top-notch. 

People hire our services because they are impressed with how we do things, especially in emergency dental. San Jose residents and even new settlers will have nothing to worry about as they have someone to rely on for tooth problems, mouth infections, and a dental emergency.

Here are a few of the many dental services we offer:

Teeth Whitening

Are you worried about a discolored tooth?

We know how much of a bother tooth discoloration is. It can take the confidence right out of your smile.

Let our skilled and reliable dentist bring back that confidence with a brighter smile. We offer teeth whitening that intensifies not just the smile but the spirit within. Get rid of any discoloration and dazzle the crowd with those pearly, white teeth.


A great smile impacts your look and gives out a positive vibe to everyone around you. One of the best ways to achieve that perfect smile is through our veneers that are created to give you that ideal form.

Say goodbye to crooked and uneven teeth. Call us and schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist and get that brightest smile back.

Dental Bonding 

Minimally – invasive, this method of cosmetic dentistry is effective in closing the gap. Stop worrying about small gaps between your teeth. Bid farewell to tooth cracks lost filling, or even covering chips. With exquisite dental bonding services, there will always be fixes for these minor imperfections.

Gum Contouring 

A perfect smile does not just involve an ideal set of teeth. You also need to have the most beautiful gums. Gums frame your teeth and play a massive role in your smile’s overall appeal; hence, the gum contouring.

Let our skillful dentist handle your gum emergency. Let us do the work in ensuring your gums support a perfect set of teeth.


This is no ordinary tooth crown.

Crowns provide strength, power, and integrity to any broken tooth. We understand every tooth is unique, so we always focus on producing the perfect structure. This ensures the crown easily blends with the surrounding teeth.

We don’t want the tooth crown to stand out. And because our experienced San Jose dentist can make it appear natural-looking, nobody would even suspect one of your teeth is crowned.

Dental Implants

You would never know they’re implants, and you will be amazed at how natural they look. Not only are they natural-looking, but they are reliable as well.

This restorative method’s benefits are enough motivation for patients to go for dental implants; because you deserve a beautiful smile.


Do you know what these are? Endodontics is all about the treatments done within a tooth, something popularly known as root canals.

When a tooth becomes infected and causes too much pain, root canals are being done to the infected tooth. Because you can never wait for tomorrow when you are in extreme tooth pain, we have a host of emergency dentists available for dental treatments, including endodontic.

Just reach our emergency dentists for your dental problems, and we will provide you the needed treatment immediately.

Full Mouth Rehab 

We know how much of a pleasure eating is to everyone. But for a few other patients, even chewing can be a chore or an agony for a damaged tooth. It feels like a chore, but the mere act of chewing alone causes so much pain. 

The good news, though, is that our team of capable dentists can do something about these dental emergencies. We can bring that bite back to a painless and comfortable balance.

A mouth problem could happen anytime, though, and this can cause severe pain. But this should not bother you at all. Our emergency experts can take care of that right away to relieve you from any pain caused by an infected gum, tooth problem, or lost filling.

Inlays and Onlays

When you want more than a dental crown, our team of expertly – trained dentists in San Jose, CA, can even provide further restoration. Inlays and Onlays are procedures that can result in a replication of the natural contours of your teeth. The only thing others will notice is your dazzling smile.


Being one of the most popular options for teeth replacement, having bridges is a choice many people opt for. If you feel like you need alternatives, call us as soon as possible to bring back your beautiful smile with functional, natural-looking bridges. 

With our emergency dentist, every detail is considered to provide you with the best urgent care in San Jose. 24-hour service is our expertise, but on top is our eye for details and our ability to incorporate them into the restoration to get that confident smile back.

Dental Hygiene

Do you know what they always say about seeing your emergency dentist at least twice a year? This is that time when you need to see us.

We are here not just to fix your tooth or oral issues, but we are here to ensure you avoid them when possible. With each visit to our San Jose emergency dentist, we give our best to check each tooth, each corner, and each crevice and see that no infection is making its way out to wreak havoc.

And while dental care visits always get a bad rap all the time, we do our best to be different. With an appointment with any of our capable emergency dentists in San Jose, CA, our goal is to have a pleasant dental visit.

Do you want candy after your visit? We can do that if it means that much to you.


While these may sound out of this world, mouthguards are common tools.

Mouthguards are created to help protect your teeth from excessive wear sooner than they should. The use of this tool comes into play at night. Aside from protecting your teeth from premature wearing, it can also avoid painful jaws, tooth damage, and other oral problems that can cause emergencies in the future.

Your #1 Dental Care Provider in San Jose, CA

Emergency Dental Pros in San Jose, CA

Tooth problems are the worst, and we can’t bear to see you in agony. Over the years, our company has been the go-to partner for a dental emergency. San Jose residents witnessed how we, as a company, worked very hard only to provide the best of the best dental emergency services.

Our emergency room is always ready for walk-in patients. We understand that emergencies happen at the most unexpected time; thus, there is an emergency dentist on standby even after office hours. Your tooth problem or any dental emergency is our top priority, so trust that whenever a dental need arises, our trusted and skilled dentist is accessible to take care of you.

Emergency Dental Pros is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our exceptional dental emergency services are available during and after office hours. 

Tooth or gum problems will never be a concern if you have the number of our very own reliable dentist in San Jose. Call us to schedule an appointment or emergency dental concerns.

The Power Of Flexible Payments 

We are known for our exceptional service and reasonable dental care rates.

We can discuss your payment options, so you get to settle your payment in the most convenient way possible. Either you pay us with your card or cash, no problem. Also, we have flexible payment options to choose from to settle your dental emergency service. 

Call us for free estimates or let us know your terms. Our San Jose clients like our services because we also give a quotation right before the procedures start or right after your first call. This way, you are apprised of how much you will pay before you can even say, “Ahhh…”

At the end of each procedure, may it be a simple tooth extraction, a complicated dental emergency, or otherwise, you don’t get an over the top billing statement full of charges for procedures undisclosed. We always ensure to clarify the procedures to be done and let you know how much you’re going to pay. No surprise billing statements here.

Call us now and get your free quotation. Our dental services are of high quality, affordable, and long-lasting. Your tooth and gum’s health are in good hands with our trusted emergency dentist in San Jose. Call us today!

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