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A Warm Testimonial From One of Our Beloved Patients

The information that has flooded my space since I asked for details of good sedation dentists near me has been inundating. The desire to get quality service did not begin as a result of a major health challenge. I believe in preventative measures and not just the curative aspects of medicine. Most people who understand my point of view have seen reasons why it is a good cause to pursue. The first time I had an encounter with a sedation dentist was over 7 years ago. I developed a fascination to understand all that entails in the world of dentists. A friend decided to take me on a crash course in all the different fields in dentistry.

The information I got sparked an interest in me to visit a sedation dentistry near me. The meeting with the dentist proved to be an eye-opener. He shared about the history of their practice and how it had gained global acceptance. His practice was filled with many dental assistants as he told me that he was grooming experts for the future. I asked him what led him into this field of dentistry and he shared a very personal story that touched my heart. According to him, his younger brother went through excruciating pain to have his tooth removed. The incidence strongly imprinted on his heart and he decided to look for better ways to serve his patients.

In his estimation, there are different things that bring value to a person’s professional practice. Some are in the field to make money; others are interested in making a name while some are into dentistry just for the prestige. He said that each of these reasons was not entirely wrong but people must have a strong focus on the things that truly matter. He shared one of the turning points of his career with me. A young Mother came to his clinic with her son for treatment. As a professional, he calmed the woman of all her concerns and commenced treatment on the boy.

The result of the exercise was so uplifting that the boy’s family came at the end of the year with many gifts to thank him. He said that experience trumped all the professional accolades he had received. The encounter made him take a deep resolve to serve many individuals with precision. In his recount of the incident, he said there are dentists that use sedation but do not match it with personal care for their patients. His job was beyond treating people, he saw it as an outlet to help individuals live the good life. He did not consider his practice a model but he was quick to state that he was making a difference.

My impression of this Sedation dentist made me understand the power of a good service. He did not just carry out service to his patients; he was helping to bring bright colors to their world. I believe that every Sedation dentist has the capacity to put a smile on the face of anyone when they put their heart to truly serve the people.

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