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Most patients don’t plan on having a dental emergency, but we do. Spring Valley Emergency Dental Pros is the best choice when it comes to 24-hour dental care services. Whenever you encounter a knocked-out tooth or experience dental trauma, it’s helpful to know you can call a trusted emergency dental showing how to proper teeth brushing

Emergency Dental Pros is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We understand that dental emergencies happen at the most unexpected times. We make sure your family dental needs are covered day and night.

Dental emergencies are exhausting. A root canal infection can cause sleepless nights and hours of extreme pain. Home remedies may offer temporary relief, but they are not a long-term solution to your oral problems. Don’t delay the treatment you need; call our emergency dentist in Spring Valley. No matter what time of day or night you need emergency dental care, our hotline is open to all Spring Valley and Las Vegas, NV patients.

Our emergency dentists will be happy to welcome and assist you with whatever concerns your teeth, gums, and mouth. If you live in Spring Valley or near the busy city of Las Vegas, NV, do not hesitate to contact our local office during or after standard office hours.

Premium Dental Care Services

Emergency Dental Pros has advanced dental facilities and some of the best emergency dentists in Spring Valley. Our local dental office is equipped with the latest technology. Our Spring Valley emergency dentist can resolve whatever dental emergency you are dealing with.

Contact an experienced emergency dentist that provides premium dental services. We have a great dental team and great prices too.

Give yourself peace of mind. There is nothing more reassuring than having a direct line to our emergency dentist. Spring Valley patients know they can come to us to alleviate their tooth pain and discomfort right away.

Broken Tooth

Maybe you had a dental accident on your way to the High Roller Observation Wheel. For us, dealing with dental trauma or injury is an everyday thing. A broken or knocked-out tooth is clearly a dental emergency. You need urgent treatment when this happens and our team is on standby to give you a hand. We are here to save your broken tooth or cracked teeth, so dial our office phone number and see us for quick service.

Lost Tooth Filling or Crown

Biting and chewing can be a struggle for a patient with crown or filling problems. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Visit our office to have your lost filling or crown restored. One of our professional dentists will work on your smile immediately.

Chipped Teeth

A chipped tooth might seem like a minor problem, but it should be considered a dental emergency. For patients with a damaged tooth, we suggest you contact us as soon as possible. A sharp, jagged edge tooth can cause damage to your mouth; prompt oral care is highly recommended. See one of our dental emergency experts in Spring Valley to have your chipped teeth repaired.Emergency Dental Pros in Spring Valley, Nevada

Tooth Decay or Abscess

We frequently receive calls from patients suffering from a severe toothache caused by untreated tooth decay or abscess. Our dentistry experts will examine your teeth and identify which teeth can and cannot be restored. Depending on the severity of infection and damage, our Spring Valley dental emergency experts may recommend a patient receive a tooth extraction.

Bleeding Gums

Substantial pain or bleeding inside your mouth is not normal. If you experience acute tooth or gum pain after brushing or at any time, contact our Spring Valley dentist right away. A healthy mouth is free from gum bleeding and dental pain – that’s something we can help you with.

We love to see you smile!

Whether you are in Spring Valley or Las Vegas, NV, you can call our dental clinic for an appointment during or after office hours. Our 24-hour dentistry experts handle all types of emergencies, whether it’s 5:00 am, 7:00 am, 8:00 pm, or even after 11:00 pm. Our phone line is open for you and all patients in Spring Valley and Las Vegas, NV.

Even though our office provides 24-hour dental services, we encourage our clients to call for an appointment. If you are coming from Las Vegas, NV, and plan to visit our Spring Valley office, you can use the information found on our official website.

We help our clients by caring for their teeth and restoring their beautiful smiles. Call our Spring Valley Dentist whenever the need arises. We will do our best to see you right away.

24 Hour Emergency Dental Services

No one can foresee an emergency, but you can get treatment immediately. With our competent dentists and 24-hour emergency dental care facility, we provide fast treatment for your cracked tooth, swelling gum, broken braces, tooth abscess, missing crown, etc.

Call now to connect with the best dentistry experts in the field – that’s us!

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