Have you ever experienced a toothache? Well tooth pain can be a painful ordeal to undergo. A bigger population will always pay a visit to the dentist when they only experience pain in the teeth. A toothache is normally a sharp pain that occurs in and around your teeth and also your jaws. This pain can usually be consistent and also constant at times. It may worsen when temperatures vary, be it cold or warm. Eating and drinking can cause it to worsen. Severe pain can be experienced especially when one is lying down. Most people will say that tooth pain is caused by tooth decay, but the fact is that it can be caused by other aspects. A broken or a lost filling can result to pain in your teeth. It’s usually advisable to see a dentist once the pain persists for more than two days. Here are top 7 causes and solutions of toothaches that you should know.


Gum diseases can entail bleeding gums and at times swelling. When an infection occurs, it causes inflammation of bone tissues and gum. This may in turn result to the fracturing and tearing of bone around the teeth area, hence leading to a sharp pain. It’s important to see a dentist in advance when you experience inflammation of your gums for better treatment.


Causing strain to your teeth through excessive grinding can wear your teeth off. Such excessive force on the tissue results to pain not only in your teeth, but also in the jaw muscles and jaw joint. Bruxism (grinding of teeth) can be as a result of stress and eye straining.

Solution. It’s always advisable to practice on calm routine sessions before you sleep at night and exercising on a regular basis to relive the excess force in your body.


When wisdom teeth fail to erupt fully through the gum, then it results to high pressure caused on the adjacent tooth which in turn causes sharp pains. When this wisdom teeth erupt they usually leave no space to clean, hence bacterial infection may occur underneath the tooth’s soft tissue flap leading to decay and eventually pain. Solution. Getting rid of wisdom teeth through your dentist when they grow, is considered as the best remedy to avoid overcrowding, displacement and misalignment of the other teeth.


You may at one time fall off a bicycle or get involved in accident that may result to cracking or fracturing of your tooth or teeth. Fractures can however be severe when the crack line penetrates to the pulp nerves. When such a fracture occurs it results to great exposure of the tooth to bacterial infection which may cause a toothache. Solution. The best solution for this is to visit a dentist for filling to be done. Filling reduces the chances of bacterial exposure that causes tooth decay.


Tooth decay may occur when smaller bits of cavities affect the outer coating of the tooth. In most cases it’s usually painless, but when the decaying penetrates to the inner parts of the tooth it may become super sensitive hence causing pain. If the, decaying is ignored during the first stages bacterial infection can go even deeper to the innermost layers of the tooth hence causing more severe pain. Solution. It’s usually important to practice oral health through regular brushing of your teeth and also visiting your dental specialist once in a while for examination.


When your dental structure is crooked high chances are that there is no good spacing of your teeth. When your teeth lack enough spacing, then cleaning of your teeth becomes difficult. This can eventually lead to high risk to bacterial exposure, which causes food decay hence tooth ache. Solution. When you have a misalignment of your teeth your dentist may advice you to install braces. Although braces can be uncomfortable during the first periods, they can guarantee great results to your oral health.

Toothaches can at times reveal their symptoms at early stages and late stages as well, but when you experience headaches, foul tasting or a sharp throbbing or swelling around the tooth you can always apply home remedy
solutions to offer some first aid to your tooth before you can visit a dentist. This may include; icing the tooth for about 15 minutes using ice cubes which numb the nerves, or even stirring some salt in some hot water, and swishing it in your mouth for about 30 seconds and spitting it out. This helps in cleaning and also helps to draw out fluids that cause swelling. Oral health is important,so it’s always good to practice regular brushing of the teeth to improve it. Here are top 7 causes of toothache, and best solutions that will guarantee you a good dental health.

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