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Dental emergencies are far different than other emergencies. Some patients panic after a dental injury or accident while other patients have trouble identifying the cause of their dental emergency. When you are dealing with pain or any uncomfortable sensation in your mouth, don’t waste time. Call our emergency dentist right away.dentist showing x-ray result photo

Your dental health is a big part of your overall well-being. So when you feel pain, no matter how minor it is, you need urgent dental services. Tooth pain is a clear indicator that something is wrong. That is when you should seek help from our experienced emergency dentist in Worcester, MA.

At Emergency Dental Pros we understand the urgency of a lost filling, tooth decay, or gum tissue infection. Our emergency dentists know that you or your loved ones can encounter a dental emergency at any time, and when that happens, we are here to help.

Our team provides advanced and prompt dental emergency services to patients in Worcester and the surrounding area. Each local dentist on our team is trained to handle loose teeth, intermittent dental pain, chipped teeth, broken dentures, bleeding gums, root canal infection, and more. We treat pain with great urgency, and we get your dental work done as soon as possible.

When left untreated, a minor tooth or gum problem can lead to swelling and result in further damage to your teeth and gums. When it comes to tooth pain, you don’t want to let things slide or get out of control. Worcester Emergency Dental Pros can often schedule new patients for a same-day appointment to get proper treatment ASAP.

Our dental office is available after hours so you can call us at any time for emergency dental services. If you have a dental abscess, severe toothache, mouth infection, dental injury, or any type of oral trauma, you can expect to receive professional service and competitive pricing. Plus, we will charge your insurance company for any covered services before accepting cash or requiring a credit card payment.

Sometimes the best way to avoid a dental emergency is through prevention. Scheduling a regular appointment with our dentist can help save your tooth from a painful dental emergency.

Same-Day Dental Appointments

Finding reliable emergency dental care is a challenge, especially if an accident results in a knocked-out tooth after normal office hours or on the weekend. Dental emergencies can happen in the morning or even in the afternoon while playing sports at Green Hill Park. When this happens, some patients will choose to visit their local hospital emergency room.

However, seeing a medical doctor for a knocked-out tooth, severe pain in your mouth, or bleeding gums is not necessarily the best course of action. Doctors may prescribe an antibiotic or over-the-counter medication to provide temporary pain relief. In most cases, a dental emergency, accident, or injury is best handled by one of our dentists. To save time, money, and effort we recommend you act as soon as possible.

A toothache, root canal infection, broken denture, or any type of dental emergency should get immediate attention and if possible, same-day treatment. When you contact us to schedule an appointment, we will direct you to our Worcester office and set an appointment with our emergency dentist for urgent dental care. Though we prefer scheduled visits, we will do everything we can to address your dental problem immediately.

Contact our office right away to have our friendly staff walk you through some basic first aid steps to prevent further damage to your tooth. If there’s an infection, a cold compress or ice pack can reduce swelling. For knocked-out teeth due to contact sports, gently rinse your mouth and the dislodged tooth with warm water and place the tooth or teeth back in your mouth. As an alternative, you may place them in a small container with milk or saliva to keep them moist.

Head to our dental office right away. We’ll have you fill out our patient paperwork upon arrival so you can quickly see our dentist. Remember, any delays may only make the problem worse and put your general at risk.

How much will I pay for emergency dental treatment?

There is no fixed cost for treating dental emergencies. The costs vary depending on the treatment, procedure, and necessary course of action. The expense, to a degree, depends on the severity of your case.

For instance, treatment of a broken tooth is likely to be more affordable than root canal therapy. If we conduct x rays to identify bleeding or an abscess, it may add to the cost. The same goes for testing to check for complications that pain relievers can’t resolve.

The bottom line is, emergency care is not inexpensive, but it can be reasonable – and that’s what our local dentist offers. We provide upfront quotes for dental services in a timely manner, plus we accept insurance as payment. We know how dental emergencies work, how to resolve them, and how to fit everything within your budget.Emergency Dental Pros in Worcester, Massachusetts

Visit our office for same-day treatment. Our dentist will examine your mouth, and thoroughly check your teeth and gums. You can use your insurance or credit card to pay for service. We have flexible payment options, so you have nothing to worry about. We also accept cash or installment payments with prior approval, of course.

We will be happy to work on your decayed tooth, dentures, and other dental emergencies. Our team takes pride in providing honest and prompt dental services. Visit our official website and reach out to us anytime to schedule an appointment.

Your dental emergency needs are our priority. We will relieve your tooth pain and resolve your oral problems fast. Give us a call today!

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